25 Crazy Facts About Black Holes

Much like a black body in thermodynamics, a black hole is a region of space that pulls everything in but prevents anything from escaping, even light. The reason it is called a “black” hole is because it sucks up all the light that hits its border and reflects nothing. Formed when an amply compact mass deforms space and time, a black hole has a defined surface known as the “event horizon” which marks the point of no return. Little is known about black holes, but several scientists in history have developed their own theories about their properties and structures. Here is a list of 25 Crazy Facts About Black Holes.


Black holes eventually evaporate

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While common knowledge states that nothing can escape a black hole, at least one thing does…radiation. According to some scientists, as the black holes emit radiation, they lose mass. This process has the potential to eventually kill the black hole.


Black holes are not infinitely small

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At some point, the collapsing core of a black hole becomes even smaller than an atom or an electron. It eventually reaches its Planck Length, a quantum size limit that makes it barely measurable.


Black holes are not funnel-shaped; they are spheres

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In most textbooks, you will probably see black holes that look like funnels. This is because they are being illustrated from the perspective of gravity wells. In reality, they are more like spheres.


Black holes spin

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When the core of a star collapses, the star rotates faster and becomes smaller. When it reaches the point where it does not have enough mass to become a black hole, it gets squeezed together to form a neutron star and continues to spin rapidly. Same applies to black holes. Even when the black hole shrinks down to Planck length, it continues to spin rapidly.


Things get weird when they get near a black hole

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Black holes have the capacity to distort space itself, and as they continue to spin, that distortion gets just as distorted. It’s an infinite regression of distortions.

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