25 Crazy Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Some Believe To Be True

Have you heard of some of these crazy cartoon conspiracy theories? Animated shows have been around since the beginning of television, delighting young and old audiences alike. The past twenty years have seen the rise of more animated shows aimed at adults such as Bob’s Burgers and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. (Though, after reading this list, you may wonder if all the cartoons we mention were not made for adults due to their strong themes and elaborate narratives.) But what you may not realize is that most of these cartoons are associated with some bizarre conspiracy theories.

In this list, we’ve brought together 25 of the all-time best cartoon fan conspiracy theories which many people believe to be true. Whether it’s an alternate reality of South Park told through a schizophrenic boy’s memory or subliminal messaging for a host of secret societies in Gravity Falls, the fan theories on this list run the gamut. While some of them don’t entirely hold up given other hints and clues in the series, others are completely plausible and may just change how you view the cartoon. If you want to see your favorite childhood or adult cartoons in a different light, join the conspiracy debate with our list of 25 Crazy Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Some Believe To Be True.

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Family Guy

family guySource: Channel Frederator, Image: youtube (Family Guy funniest moments #23)

One of the most popular adult cartoon shows in recent history, Family Guy follows the story of the Griffin family and their dog, Brian. But, what if the entire show is written by Brian detailing his experience with the Griffins? Some fan theorists believe the many shorts featuring only Brian and Stewie and that Brian’s frequency and perspective in the show (in addition to actually being a writer in it) give the theory some meat. Though there is some doubt  thrown into this theory when we consider Vinny. But, still, maybe Family Guy is the unfinished novel Brian has been working on. You know, the big stack of papers there. The compelling protagonist. The obstacle for him to overcome, hmm? The characters being richer for the experience, yeah?


The Fairly Oddparents

Cosmo_and_WandaSource: Channel Frederator, Image: en.wikipedia.org

One cartoon fan theory regarding the Fairly Oddparents argues that Timmy Turner’s Fairy Godparents don’t exist – rather, they’re just expressions of medication he’s taking for depression and anxiety. Cosmo and Wanda are classified as Zoloft and Prozac and even Jordan von Strangle and Juandisimo are believed to be other drugs, namely steroids and Viagra. The anti-fairies are hard drugs like heroin, and the Pixies are placebos since they can’t perform magic. More over, in one episode, Timmy was sent to Wish Rehab for over-wishing Cosmo & Wanda – a seemingly clear reference to drug rehab. Lastly, a child can wish their fairies away if they say they are happy and don’t need their fairies anymore – just like a person on antidepressants who can choose to stop taking their drugs.


Dexter's Laboratory

dexters labSource: Channel Frederator, Image: youtube.com (Dexter's Laboratory opening)

An incredibly gloomy interpretation of Dexter’s Laboratory is that his sister Dee-Dee pushed the wrong button and blew up the house, killing his entire family. Dexter, surviving, created clones of his family, possibly since he has been shown to have the ability to clone and control the central nervous system. Further evidence for this theory stems from the abuse his family takes – from being blown up or turned into monsters – before coming back as normal as ever in the following episode.


Tangled, Frozen, & The Little Mermaid

frozen tangled little mermaidSource: Channel Frederator, Image: amazinghannahisnotonfire via youtube.com

Hold onto your seat because this one gets complicated. Considering release dates, Tangled was released three years before Frozen and Frozen starts three years after Elsa’s parents die at sea, possibly going to Rapunzel’s return celebration. Now add in The Little Mermaid – cartoon fan theorists believe the ship Ariel explores in the film’s beginning could be the same ship Elsa’s parents went down on. So are these three films related? What do you think?



rugratsSource: Channel Frederator, Image: OEVB via Flickr

Well, this is a chipper cartoon fan theory. True lovers of the Rugrats show will really hate this one. Some fans have come up with a theory where all the characters are a figment of Angelica’s schizophrenic mind. It says Chuckie’s dad is nervous and unconfident because Chuckie & his mother died in childbirth, Tommy’s dad is always making toys for his “son” because Tommy was a stillborn, and the DeVilles had an abortion but, not knowing which gender the baby would be, created twins. Absolutely. Mortifying.

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