25 Crazy Bike Designs You Might Not Know Existed

Posted by , Updated on March 28, 2015

Although you’ve probably seen pictures of the crazy bike designs they had in the past, some of these bikes are going to have you scratching your head. These are 25 crazy bike designs you didn’t know existed!


Benjamin Bowden Bicycle

strange bikes

It was designed by the late British designer, Benjamin Bowden. You didn’t see that coming did you?


Amphibious Bike

strange bikes

Why on earth did this never catch on!?


Bike with a windshield

strange bikes

Not only does it have a windshield, you get to lay down!


The "lots of people" bike

strange bikes

Keeping your balance on this thing might be a problem…


The bike shaped bike rack

strange bikes

Ok, so it’s not a bike, but it’s still pretty cool!


The "everyone faces each other" bike

strange bikes

It’s like the other multi person bike except now everyone is in a big circle. Hopefully you don’t get motion sick easily!


The super old bike

strange bikes

It’s so old that it’s made out of wood. We’re not really sure what they used for a chain though.


The rowing bike

strange bikes

Row, row, row your bike, gently down the road!


The "strangely positioned chain" bike

strange bikes

It also seems to have pretty good carrying capacity.


The square wheel bike

strange bikes

It might not be super useful for getting anywhere…


The folding bike

strange bikes

You probably don’t even need to lock it up if your backpack is big enough.


The bike that carries things

strange bikes

Although you can’t get too crazy, it should be able to carry more than a regular bike.


The bike with a roof

strange bikes

Your shoes will probably still get wet though.


Das Auto Bike

strange bikes

It’s a bike Volkswagen style!


The low rider bike

strange bikes

You need to be really desperate for attention to ride this bike around town.


The firefighter bike

strange bikes

Hopefully the fire department doesn’t have to show up to your house riding bikes. That would be a bad day.


The hideously orange bike

strange bikes

Once again, it’s not about the design here. But seriously, who’s idea was that color?


The cool-but-probably-dangerous-way-to-carry-your-kid bike

strange bikes

Parking might be a problem though.


The horse bike

strange bikes

At least you don’t have to pedal.


The twin seater bike

strange bikes

You better hope your partner doesn’t abandon you because riding this with only one person seems as though it would a bit challenging.


The really small, overly locked up bike

strange bikes

Apparently somebody didn’t want to lose their miniature ride.


The bloated frame bicycle

strange bikes

We’re not sure why this bike looks the way it does, but we’re guessing it’s some kind of fashion statement.


The bike with an annoyingly large back wheel

strange bikes

What is purpose of this?


The bike with an annoyingly large front wheel

strange bikes

Seriously, can’t the wheels just stay the same size?


The railroad bike

The railroad bike

For real, it actually rides on a railroad track.

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