25 Crazy And Hilarious Insurance Claims Of 2014

At the end of the year, many insurance companies from all over the world publish their lists of the most insane, crazy, ridiculous or bizarre insurance claims they have received throughout the year. We will probably never know which of them were really true and which were “ingeniously” faked but that is not the point – these 25 crazy insurance claims of 2014 made insurance agents laugh and now they will amuse you too.

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“It all started when a detour was born in my neighborhood. Suddenly, I found myself wrong-way driving and even though I was trying hard to avoid the oncoming cars, I failed to do so. Twice.”

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“The rude pedestrian hit me and went under my car.”

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“I was going to show my children how to dive. Obviously, I didn’t assess the depth of the rubber swimming pool correctly and I started to drown after my head hit the bottom.”

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“I didn’t know the speed limit applied after midnight too.”

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“When coming out of the bath tub, I slipped and accidentally sat on my right testicle.”

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