25 Craziest Things Found In Nature

Posted by , Updated on July 24, 2014

From blue lava to everlasting thunderstorms, these are the 25 craziest things found in nature.

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Living Rocks, Chile

crazy things in nature

Resembling a mass of organs found inside a rock, this filter feeding creature easily blends into the beach.


Lenticular Clouds, Mountainous Areas

crazy things in nature

Looking like UFO’s these clouds form when moist air flows over a mountain.


Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island

crazy things in nature

Every year nearly 120 million crabs make their way to the ocean.


Underwater Crop Circles, Japan

crazy things in nature

Produced by male pufferfish flapping their fins in the sand, these “crop circles” litter the seabed around Japan.


The Black Sun, Denmark

crazy things in nature

During spring in Denmark, millions of European starlings get together to form huge and complex shapes in the sky.

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