25 Craziest Real Life Cyborgs

Posted by , Updated on June 1, 2014

Just like machines, humans are also mechanical, but not in the sense that they literally have gears, devices and wires built into them. However, what happens when that which is natural starts to blur the lines with the artificial? Would you get something like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator franchise? The answer to that is; maybe. You see, the technology needed to achieve something that spectacular hasn’t been developed yet but as these 25 craziest real life cyborgs show us, where on our way there.


SixthSense Wearer


The individual projects information onto an object with the use of hand gestures and computer-vision-based techniques. A camera is utilized as an input device and nearby objects as display screens. Sixthsense is made up of a camera, mirror as well as pocket projector


Neil Harbisson

neil harbisson

Neil has a specialized electronic eye, rendering perceived colors as sounds on the musical scale, i.e. it lets him “hear” color.


Kevin Warwick

kevin warwick

A cybernetics professor in the UK’s University of Reading, he has experimented with different electronic implants since 1998 such as installing a microchip in his arm, which lets him operate lights, heaters, computers and lights remotely.


Jesse Sullivan

jesse sullivan

He effectively became a cyborg when he got equipped with a bionic limb, which was connected through nerve-muscle grafting. Aside from having control over his limb with his mind, he can also feel warmth and coolness as well as how much pressure his grip applies.


Jens Neumann

jens neumann

He became the first person worldwide to get an artificial vision system. His electronic eye connects directly to his visual cortex through brain implants. Although he can only vaguely see lines and shapes, his vision has technically been restored.

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