25 Craziest Real Life Cyborgs

Posted by , Updated on June 1, 2014

Just like machines, humans are also mechanical, but not in the sense that they literally have gears, devices and wires built into them. However, what happens when that which is natural starts to blur the lines with the artificial? Would you get something like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator franchise? The answer to that is; maybe. You see, the technology needed to achieve something that spectacular hasn’t been developed yet but as these 25 craziest real life cyborgs show us, where on our way there.

SixthSense Wearer


The individual projects information onto an object with the use of hand gestures and computer-vision-based techniques. A camera is utilized as an input device and nearby objects as display screens. Sixthsense is made up of a camera, mirror as well as pocket projector


Neil Harbisson

neil harbisson

Neil has a specialized electronic eye, rendering perceived colors as sounds on the musical scale, i.e. it lets him “hear” color.


Kevin Warwick

kevin warwick

A cybernetics professor in the UK’s University of Reading, he has experimented with different electronic implants since 1998 such as installing a microchip in his arm, which lets him operate lights, heaters, computers and lights remotely.


Jesse Sullivan

jesse sullivan

He effectively became a cyborg when he got equipped with a bionic limb, which was connected through nerve-muscle grafting. Aside from having control over his limb with his mind, he can also feel warmth and coolness as well as how much pressure his grip applies.


Jens Neumann

jens neumann

He became the first person worldwide to get an artificial vision system. His electronic eye connects directly to his visual cortex through brain implants. Although he can only vaguely see lines and shapes, his vision has technically been restored.


Nigel Ackland

nigel ackland

After losing a part of his arm during a work accident, he got upgraded. His new arm has a hand that can independently move to grip even delicate objects.


Jerry Jalava

jerry jalava

After he lost a finger in a motorcycle accident, Jalava decided to have a USB port embedded into his prosthetic. It doesn’t upload any information directly into his brain though.


Claudia Mitchell

claudia mitchell

She became the first woman cyborg when she got outfitted with a bionic limb that’s similar to the one that Jesse Sullivan has.


Rob Spence

rob spence

He lost his eye after a gun accident when he was 13 years old. Now, he’s designing a camera eye to replace his non-functioning prosthetic eye and has already worn different prototypes.


Michael Chorost

michael chorost

He went totally deaf while he was in his 30’s. However, in 2001, he had a computer surgically implanted in his cranium, which restored his hearing.


Cameron Clapp

cameron clapp

When he was 14, he collapsed and fainted along a railroad track. When the train passed, he unfortunately lost both of his legs plus an arm. He got fitted with a couple of prosthetic legs controlled by his brain with the help of a microprocessor. Since then, he has become an athlete and an amputee activist.


Oscar Pistorius

oscar pistorius

His scandal notwithstanding, he is a professional sprinter who happens to be a double-amputee sporting prosthetics.


Steve Mann

steve mann

Dr. Mann has designed a headset that’s outfitted with a number of small computers and through it, he can record and play video and audio.


Stelios Arcadiou

stelios arcadiou

Also known as Stelarc, he’s a performance artist who believes that the human body is obsolete. To prove this, he’s had an artificially-created ear surgically attached to his left arm. In another show, he hooked up electrodes to his body to allow people to control his muscles through the Web.


Dr. Stuart Meloy’s patients

stuart meloy

In 1998, the good doctor implanted electrodes into women’s spines since they were suffering from chronic pain. As he was doing so, he inadvertently discovered a way to artificially induce his patients to have orgasms. He named his device the “Orgasmatron” and uses it to help women who no longer or have never had any orgasms


Rat Borg

rat borg

In its creation, scientists placed a rat’s brain within a machine, which changes direction and moves based on the instructions coming from the rat’s brain.


Miika Terho

miika terho

After suffering from a hereditary eye affliction, he lost his vision at the age of 35. One milestone of an operation left him implanted with a light-sensitive microchip, a retinal substitute, which got connected to his optic nerve.


Dawn O’Leary

dawn o'leary

She lost both her arms after getting electrocuted around 40 years ago. She was fitted with a prosthetic arm which acts just like the real thing.


Human Universal Load Carrier

human universal load carrier

This makes soldiers have cyborg-like abilities since its intended to help them in combat by letting them carry a maximum load of 200 pounds at a 10 miles/hour top speed for extended time periods.


Gordon the Robot

gordon the robot

In 2008, Gordon was created by a team led by another cyborg, namely Dr. Kevin Warwick. This robot isn’t that much of a robot since he’s controlled by living brain tissue.


Mechanical heart

mechanical heart

Researchers at Harvard infused rat heart cells with transistors and wires which monitor the tissue’s electrical impulses. In an interview, they said that these “mechanical” elements may even control the tissue’s behavior.


Yan Jin’s artificial skin

yan jin's artificial skin

Engineering technology as well as biomedical theory techniques were used in making artificial skin with natural materials plus bone marrow derived stem cells. Yan Jin added that after the artificial skin was attached to the patient, the dermal layer began to regenerate.


Man-made kidney

man-made kidney

Two researchers from UCLA as well as the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System have developed a design for automated and wearable artificial kidneys, which avoids the complications for patients suffering with traditional dialysis.


Not-so-chopped liver


Even though it’s external, it mimics how the liver functions. Patients will no longer have to further suffer the effects of liver cirrhosis, among others.


Dick Cheney

dick cheney

In July of 2010, the former US vice-president was outfitted with a left-ventricular assist device in order to compensate for his worsening congestive heart failure. He has then undergone heart replacement surgery.

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