25 Craziest Looking Sea Creatures

When most people think of the ocean they probably imagine whales, dolphins, sharks, and other normal things. As you get deeper beneath the waves, however, the water gets darker, the temperature drops, and the creatures get more and more bizarre. If you don’t believe us? Check out the 25 craziest looking sea creatures of the deep.

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Longhorn Cowfish

22 jellyfish_tnLonghorn Cowfish

Looking more like a Pokemon cartoon than anything the Longhorn cow fish has been described as “cute” by some people. Unfortunately for them, this little fellow is especially dangerous and releases a highly lethal toxin when under stress.


Flying Gurnard

24 flying robin_tnhttps://kyberia.sk/

The Flying Gurnards are known for their disproportionately large pectoral fins. In spite of their name however, they can’t actually fly and some scientists argue that they should instead be called the Helmet Gurnard.


Basket Star

23 gorgoncephalus_tnwww.tumblr.com

The basket star is one of the strangest looking brittle stars in the sea. It is also one of the most durable as it has mastered the art of longevity with a possible lifespan of up to 35 years.


Red Flashing Jellyfish


A recent discovery, the Red Flashing Jelly Fish has red tentacles which it uses to lure it’s prey. What has science nerds so excited though is that this jelly fish emits the first ever observed red lights in an invertebrate; an interesting discovery since it was believed that animals in the deepest part of the ocean could not detect red light.


Black Swallower

21 black-swallower_tnhttp://todayilearned.co.uk/

Also named the great swallower, this freaky looking deep sea fish can swallow fishes up to twice its length and 10 times its mass (talk about a big stomach). Sometimes, it can swallow fishes that are so large that they can’t even be digested before decomposition sets in which results in excess gas making the swallower float to the ocean surface.

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