25 Of The Craziest, Cutest, Geekiest, And Flat Out Outrageous Easter Eggs On The Internet

Easter is tomorrow so you know what that means? EASTER EGGS! Lots and lots of Easter eggs! Plain ones, crazy ones, pink ones, yellow ones, it will be an Easter egg hunting bonanza! To help you celebrate, here are 25 of the craziest, cutest, geekiest, and flat out outrageous Easter eggs we have seen.

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Techno Frenzy

portal easter eggwww.techeblog.com

Darth Vader hates Easter

star wars easter eggweheartit.com


Storm Trooper in space

star wars easter eggwww.uproxx.com

Batman vs Spider-man? Who would win?

batman easter eggshewalkssoftly.com


Poor Humpty Dumpty

humpty dumpty easter eggwww.sparknotes.com

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