25 Craziest Catfish Stories of Lies and Betrayals That Are Actually True

Have you ever been “catfished” before? It’s happened to many people. They meet someone online, begin to have feelings for them after seeing a picture or a reading an online profile, and thus begin a relationship that doesn’t leave the computer screen.

But things are not as they might seem. A catfish is an informal label for someone who creates fake online personas to trick another person. They might be a man posing as a woman or vice versa. Sometimes the motive is greed and financial manipulation; other times, it’s the thrill they seek by playing with people’s emotions.

Some of these catfishing stories led to simple heartbreak. Sadly, there are others that led to murder. Here are the 25 Craziest Catfish Stories of Lies and Betrayals.

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The Repo Catfish


We understand people have a job to do, but this takes work a little too far. A woman who calls herself “keeper801” works for a repo company.

She creates fake online profiles, makes dates with guys who are past due on their payments, and repossesses their vehicle. All in a day’s work, right?


Happy Ending Catfish Story

Coffee shop catfish

A user got catfished by some of his dormmates who sent him a Facebook request with a fake picture. When he went to meet the girl at a coffee shop, she obviously wasn’t there.

In the end, he met the girl whose picture they had used, and she wanted to go on a date with him.


Faking an Illness

faking an illnesshttps://www.buzzfeed.com/graces4b7042806

There is no depth to the greed some people have. A girl named Kari pretended to have cancer, had someone make a donation page for her, and got people to send her gifts and money.

It turns out this girl not only didn’t have cancer, but she used a picture of another girl who actually did have it!


Catfish and Cyberbully


The details are sketchy regarding what really happened between reclusive Jenelle Potter and an engaged couple, Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth. The three all unfriended each other, possibly due to online harassment, which is what Jenelle claimed.

Jenelle created an online character named Chris, a CIA agent who was apparently protecting her from cyberbullies. Sadly, Jenelle’s parents got involved, and her father, possibly believing Jenelle’s safety was at stake, murdered Billy and Billie. Now Jenelle and her parents are serving life sentences in prison.


The Catfish Mom

Cyberbully Momhttps://www.wired.com/2009/07/drew-court/

After Lori Drew’s daughter had a fight with her friend, Meghan Meir, Lori decided to get revenge on Meghan.

She and her daughter created a fake profile of a boy named “Josh Evans.” They then began an online relationship with Meghan. After the boy started sending negative online messages, Meghan took her own life.

Lori Drew was charged but eventually acquitted for her role in this sad story.

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