25 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates In The World

You are about to see 25 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world. According to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds, a person commits suicide somewhere in the world. While most countries with high suicide rates are poor, there are also a surprising few, highly-developed and rich nations which rank very high in this sad statistics. Generally, committing suicide is about three times more common in men than in women. with poisoning, hanging and firearms being the most common methods. See which with countries have the highest suicide rates in the world and lets hope this trend ends.

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Lithuania – 28.2 (51.0 men – 8.4 women)


With a suicide rate of 28.2, Lithuania is the most suicidal country in Europe and the fifth most suicidal country in the world. Suicide has been a significant social national issue in the country for decades with its peak in the late 1990s. Since then, the number of suicides committed every year has been slowly decreasing. Social and financial problems in Lithuania are considered major causes behind the high rate of suicide.


Sri Lanka – 28.8 (46.4 men – 12.8 women)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a little South Asian country and home to over 20 million people, ranks among the most developed countries in this list but it still has one of the highest suicide rate. Since Sri Lanka gained its independence in 1948, the number of people who commit suicide has been consistently increasing without any obvious causes. Hanging and poisoning are the most common suicide methods in the country.


South Korea – 28.9 (41.7 men – 18.0 women)

South Korea

Boasting numerous world´s primacies including the fastest internet connection, super modern technologies, one of the world´s best education and health care etc., South Korea has a shockingly high suicide rate. All types of social pressure and family problems are the main causes of this phenomenon. Since access to firearms is restricted in South Korea, the most frequent suicide method is poisoning.


Democratic People´s Republic of Korea – 38.5 (45.4 men – 35.1 women)

Democratic People´s Republic of Korea

North Korea, the northerly neighbor of South Korea, ended up even worse in this WHO statistics. The notoriously restrictive environment of the country, human rights violations, economic hardship and stress are among the main reasons why more than 10,000 North Korean people take their own lives every year. There have even been cases of entire families killing themselves to avoid punishments by the totalitarian regime.


Guyana – 44.2 (70.8 men – 22.1 women)


Guyana, a largely rural country at the northeastern edge of South America and home to about 740,000 people, has the highest suicide rate in the world, four times higher than the global average. Deep rural poverty, alcohol abuse and easy access to deadly pesticides seem to be the combination leading to the self-inflicted deaths of more than 44 out of 100,000 Guyanese every year. Guyana is notorious for the ritual mass murder-suicide in which 909 people died in 1978 but the current suicide rate has nothing to do with death cults.

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