25 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates In The World

You are about to see 25 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world. According to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds, a person commits suicide somewhere in the world. While most countries with high suicide rates are poor, there are also a surprising few, highly-developed and rich nations which rank very high in this sad statistics. Generally, committing suicide is about three times more common in men than in women. with poisoning, hanging and firearms being the most common methods. See which with countries have the highest suicide rates in the world and lets hope this trend ends.

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Zimbabwe – 18.1 (27.2 men – 9.7 women)


Severely affected by the consequences of Mugabe´s racist and Marxist policies, Zimbabwe is another African country where people live extremely hard lives. Tormented by hunger, HIV/AIDS infection and poverty, local people often find suicide as the only solution to their problems. Unfortunately, suicide attempts are nothing unusual even among their children and young students.


Belarus – 18.3 (32.7 men – 6.4 women)


In Belarus, an Eastern European country bordering Russia, about 2,000 people commit suicide every year, which is a higher number than that of road accident victims. In this country, the suicide occurrence is particularly high in rural areas and small towns. There’s also a statistics showing that the number of suicides correlates with the increase of alcohol consumption.


Japan – 18.5 (26.9 men – 10.1 women)


One of the most developed, modern and richest countries in the world, Japan has been struggling with an unusually high suicide rate for a long time. Suicide is the leading cause of death in men ages 20–44 with unemployment, depression and social pressure as key contributing factors.


Hungary – 19.1 (32.4 men – 7.4 women)


In the second half of the 20th century, Hungary had the highest suicide rate in the world. In the last decade, the number of Hungarians who decide to take their own lives has decreased but with more than 19 people out of 100,000 committing suicide, Hungary still ranks among the most suicidal countries not only in Europe but also in the world.


Uganda – 19.5 (26.9 men – 12.3 women)


Although the economy and living standards in Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa, is not as desperate as that of some other African countries, the occurrence of suicidal behavior is enormous. Depression, general stress, interpersonal problems, unemployment, poor housing and health conditions are among the most common reasons for local people to end their lives.

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