25 Countries With The Highest Average IQ

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Have you ever wondered how intelligent your country is compared to the rest of the world? Many people have been asking this question and many surveys have been carried out on this topic over the years. One of the most recent and comprehensive IQ researches was conducted in 2016 by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, an international educational institute that researches and analyzes mainstream areas of interest to compile statistics. If you want to find out what the average IQ in the US is and what the smartest countries in the world are, check out this list with 25 Countries With The Highest Average IQ.

Note: Rankings of the average IQ by countries are always controversial and should be interpreted with caution. Most places of the following ranking are shared by multiple countries with the same IQ score, but we separated them according to the alphabetical order to fill all 25 entries of the list. The following list is not ranking of average IQ by race.


Sweden (average IQ: 101)

flag of Sweden Source: statisticbrain.com

Sweden excels in most socio-economic categories such as quality of life, health, education, civil liberties, economic competitiveness, equality etc. No wonder this Scandinavian country ranks 10th among the most intelligent nations of the world.


Netherlands (average IQ: 102)

flag of NetherlandsSource: statisticbrain.com

Reflecting its high quality of life and prosperity, the Netherlands has repeatedly ranked among the happiest countries in the world. Obviously, the Dutch are not just happy and wealthy but also very intelligent – they scored 102 in the IQ study.


Italy (average IQ: 102)

flag of Italy Source: statisticbrain.com

Considering the enormous contribution Italy has made in many different areas ranging from science and technology to arts, it comes as no surprise that this country made it to the top ten in the survey. The average IQ in Italy is 102.


Germany (average IQ: 102)

flag of Germany Source: statisticbrain.com

Home to more than 82 million people, Germany is a highly developed country with an outstanding standard of living sustained by a skilled, productive, and very intelligent society. Germany has a very efficient education system and many prestigious, tuition-free universities.


Austria (average IQ: 102)

flag of AustriaSource: statisticbrain.com

Austria is much smaller in both population and area compared to their northern neighbors Germany, but in terms of living standards, prosperity, education, and other socio-economic categories, it is none the worse than the Germans. In the Statistic Brain Research Institute survey, Austria produced the same result – 102.

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