25 Coolest Ways That Animals Adapt To Their Environments

You probably already knew that there are some crazy animals out there. From shooting blood out of their eyes to sucking food through their skin these are the 25 coolest ways that animals adapt to their environments!

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This frog can hibernate in its own mucus for years

animal adaptations

After the rainy season, African pyxie frogs will burrow underground and seal themselves in mucus sacs for up to 7 years until it rains again.


This deer barks like a dog

animal adaptations

If you ever happen to scare a southern red muntjac be prepared for a lot of barking.


This squirrel uses its tail for shade

animal adaptations

Cape ground squirrels give us all a reason to be a bit jealous.


This scorpion can go without food for up to a year

animal adaptations

Thanks to specialized metabolisms scorpions can stand to miss a few meals.


This bird carries water in its feathers

animal adaptations

A male sand grouse will collect water in its feathers and take it back to the nest to share with its family.

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