25 Coolest New Businesses In America

Posted by , Updated on February 28, 2015

The U.S. is a nation of entrepreneurs – always building, always developing, always growing. To honor that spirit, we’ve picked out some of the most genius and most interesting new businesses from coast to coast. Check out these top 25 coolest new businesses in America.



25 - aqua cycling

You may have heard water gives great resistance and that cycling is low-impact on your body. Using that knowledge, Aqua was founded in New York City. Their underwater cycling class (well, the bike is under water which comes up to your waist) burns more calories than one alone.


Viking Braggot Company

24 - viking braggot 2

Combining the brewing process of beer and mead leads to the creation of Braggot, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and highly favoured by the Norse Vikings. Try the Gypsy Tears (made with clover honey, hibiscus, and blueberry) and Valkyrie (made with wildflower honey, blackberries, and an ancient herb called Tulsi) at their Eugene, Oregon brewery.



23 - dash

Connect your smartphone to your car with a small plug-in to get real-time vehicle diagnostics which keep you safer and notifies you when your car needs a tune-up. It even gives you tips on how to drive more efficiently and save on gas money.


Kurt's Cuts Barbershop

22 - kurts barbershop

Feel like royalty with Kurt Luetjen in Denver. With only one chair in his shop, Kurt uses two decades of barber experience to make each visit a personal experience at good prices too.


My 420 Tours

21 - my 420 tours 2

Since Colorado’s legalisation of marijuana in 2013, many tourists have flocked to the state to partake. My 420 Tours has made a business of taking tourists to visit new local businesses such as growers, cannabis cooks, and shops where anyone over 21 years old can buy pot.


Kitchen LTO

20 - kitchen lto

A Dallas restaurant with ever-rotating chefs, Kitchen LTO stands for Limited Time Only. Prospective chefs are put through a rigorous selection committee and social media voting by Dallas locals for who will be the resident chef (complete with their own unique menu) every six months.


Instagramers Gallery

19 - instagramers gallery

Cameras may have gone mostly digital, but that’s not to say art galleries are on their way out. Miami art district-based Instagramers Gallery showcases only photos taken with Instagram from amateurs and professionals alike. Miami has really upped its hipster reputation.


Hopster's Brew & Board

18 - hopsters 2

A saviour for beer lovers, Hopster’s in Newton/Boston, Massachusetts lets you pick your own combination of barley, hops, and malt and make your own beer! Brewing in their kettles, you can walk away with about three cases of your own beer to impress friends & family. (And the nibbles are great too.)


Mind Fest

Australian volunteer Adrian Brabander teaching an agricultural course at Manzini Industrial Training Centre in Swaziland. Photo: AVI / AusAID

One of the oddest businesses in St. Louis, Mind Fest offers local Missourians non-traditional classes to expand their experience. Classes starting soon include an introduction to the roots of hip-hop, what the ancients though about love and sex, and how to raise chickens in your backyard.


Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

16 - sister louisa

Sister Louisa’s (or as the locals call it, Church) in Atlanta is a church open late-night. Well, it’s not really a church, more of a bar. Ok, entirely a bar. Owner Grant Henry went through years selling religious art and working as a popular bartender before opening up his own “Church” in 2010. Stocked with plenty of authentic religious signs, art, and a Last Supper table, Church is one of Atlanta’s most unique bars.


Unicorn & Narwhal

15 - unicorn & narwal

A strange mix of nostalgia and creepiness, Unicorn & Narwhal are two circus/carnival themed bars in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Carnival games and animal heads dot the walls, seemingly looking down and wishing they could have some of your beer or mondo corndogs.



14 - josephine

If you’re too tired to cook but still want a healthy, home-cooked meal, log onto San Francisco area-based Josephine.com. Local home cooks (maybe even one of your neighbours) post what they are cooking and set a price per plate. If you like it, you buy it and are told the location to pick up dinner for you and/or your family and friends.


Marlow Goods

13 - marlow goods

Couple-turned-businesspeople Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling mix fashion and food, using not just the meat to sell in their butcher shop but also the leather and wool to make crafts including sweaters, blankets, and rugs.


Stitch Fix

12 - stitch fix

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have your own personal stylist anymore. After filling out a style profile, Stitch Fix stylists pick five items in and around your traditional style and mail them to you. Send back what you don’t like and keep buying so the stylists better understand your tastes.



11 - barcade

Miss the good ‘ol days where you could skip school and spend your nickels at the arcade but today have a grown-up palate? Enter Barcade, a chain in New York, New Jersey, & Philly which combines craft beer with classic arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Rampage, and Q*bert. Many world record holders set the current record at and frequent the Brooklyn bar.


The Beez Kneez

10 - beez kneez

What do you do when you love cycling and beekeeping but live in the heart of Minneapolis? You put on an antennae helmet and deliver your own bees’ honey to locals in the community, of course! Beez Kneez also teaches locals how to have a hive and the importance of bees to the ecosystem.



9 - glamsquad

Running late or just don’t want to go to the salon or barber? NYC, LA, and Miami based Glamsquad comes to you, sending hair stylists or make-up artists to your home or office with all the tools and product of a salon to get you ready for the big event.


A Gathering of Stitches

8 - gathering of stitches

A community space for fiber and textile artists, this Portland, Maine, shop gives locals the opportunities to come in and make their own designs from screen-printed shirts to quilts to any dyed textile. You can also take classes to boost your own skills.



7 - clef

Clef is a new, secure way to log into websites. An alternative to traditional passwords, Clef works by holding your phone up to your computer screen and using a UPC-like design to unlock any of your accounts.



6 - custommade

If you see something you like but have no idea how to have it made, in steps CustomMade. The online company allows you to snap a picture of a product or tell them what you want and they’ll connect you to pre-vetted designers which can make it into a reality. From jewelry to furniture to your own fireplace, the only limit is your imagination.


Berrista Coffee

5 - miracle berry

Though a sour, no-sugar donut sounds funky to you, it might just be the sweetest donut you ever taste. Berrista Coffee in Chicago gives each customer a Miracle Berry, a fruit which temporarily alters our taste buds to make sour and bitter foods taste sweet. Chef Homaro Cantu spent 8 years of research to perfect the recipes and remove refined sugar, making donuts, paninis, and their other items into health foods.


Gotham Greens

4 - Gotham greens

Brooklyn-based but nationally operating, Gothan Greens is trying to fix some of the major problems in how we eat and get our food. The company designs and builds commercial greenhouses on rooftops and urban areas around the U.S. to give locals access to fresh produce. Every year they bring in over 200,000 pounds of greens and more.


Arctic Fire Clothing


Have you ever said it’s too cold to go outside and exercise? Arctic Fire Clothing fixes that problem by selling heated shorts to put under other clothes, keeping you warm in the cold and snow.


nPower PEG

2 - npower peg

This Personal Energy Generator (PEG) uses your kinetic (motion) movement from walking, biking, and more to charge its batteries. You can then use the battery to charge electronics like your cell phone. Clip it onto your backpack or belt loop and off you go.


The Green Microgym

1 - Green microgym

It’s not really surprising to find a Portland gym where your exercise actually creates energy to power the building. Founder Adam Boesel worked through many prototypes before making those which plug “out” into a traditional wall outlet and cut a gym’s electricity use by up to 85%. Now he’s working to expand to other gyms, schools, and homes.

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