25 Cool Aircraft Paint Jobs

Ever since the Wright brothers invented the plane in 1903, it has gone through many different changes, shapes, and sizes over the modern years. Today, many airlines proudly show off their planes with some unique art work and designs but some airlines decide to go that extra little bit further and produce some stunning paint jobs. Below are 25 of such planes which grace the skies with color and majesty.

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Western Pacific – The Simpsons Jet


The short lived airline, Western Pacific decided to paint one of their planes with The Simpsons in 1995 as part of the many advertisements that were painted on their planes. Together Bart, Homer, Lisa and Marge graced the sides of the plane until the airline went bankrupt in 1998.


US Airways – Arizona Cardinals


In 2006, U.S Airways played homage to the Arizona Cardinals by painting it’s trademark red bird logo along both sides of the plane. Looks pretty cool huh?


Lufthansa – Football Nose

Lufthansa - Football Nose

Germany held the World Cup in 2006 and Lufthansa decided to do their bit…by simply painting a football onto the nose of the plane. Luftansa did this to 40 of its fleet.


Aeroflot – Olympics

Aeroflot - Olympics

Back in 2008, Russian airline Aeroflot painted one of their planes silver and red to honor Russia’s Olympic team. The plane spent weeks flying from Moscow to Beijing and back, shuttling Russian athletes, politicians and dignitaries to and from the Olympics. The pattern on the plane is the same pattern designed on Team Russia’s uniforms.


South West Airlines – SI One


This one is for the lads! Back in 2009, supermodel Bar Rafaeli celebrated, landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue, by having herself painted onto a South West Airlines plane……in nothing but her bikini. The plane carried the sexy image from New York to Las Vegas until the airline repainted the plane later on in the year.

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