25 Cooking Hacks That You Can Do With Your Coffee Maker

We admit, cooking on your coffee maker is a bit strange considering the fact that you’re almost certain to find a stove top nearby. But will you? What if you’re out at sea? What if you’re a college student? What if war breaks out and your stove gets carried off by marauding troops? How will you make your ramen noodles then? Exactly. So now that we have your attention these are 25 cooking hacks that you can do with your coffee maker!

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Cook hot dogs

coffee maker hacks

With about 7 cups of water you will be able to cook a couple hot dogs in 30 minutes. Defrost them beforehand!


Fry eggs

coffee maker hacks

We’re not sure why you would ever need to do this as your stove is much more effective, but if you have a small enough skillet the egg will fry!


Soften up some broccoli

coffee maker hacks

Just add water and cook until they are nice and soft.


Make some delicious chicken with couscous

coffee maker hacks

To make a long story short you’re going to poach the chicken first. This means you don’t want the water to completely cover it. Let it cook for 15 minutes on either side and then switch the chicken with the couscous. Add spices and butter to adjust the taste.


Grill that cheese

coffee maker hacks

Once again we’re not using the actual coffee pot. By using the burner you can make grilled cheese just like you would on a stove.

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