25 Cooking Hacks That You Can Do With Your Coffee Maker

Posted by , Updated on May 10, 2015

We admit, cooking on your coffee maker is a bit strange considering the fact that you’re almost certain to find a stove top nearby. But will you? What if you’re out at sea? What if you’re a college student? What if war breaks out and your stove gets carried off by marauding troops? How will you make your ramen noodles then? Exactly. So now that we have your attention these are 25 cooking hacks that you can do with your coffee maker!


Cook hot dogs

coffee maker hacks

With about 7 cups of water you will be able to cook a couple hot dogs in 30 minutes. Defrost them beforehand!


Fry eggs

coffee maker hacks

We’re not sure why you would ever need to do this as your stove is much more effective, but if you have a small enough skillet the egg will fry!


Soften up some broccoli

coffee maker hacks

Just add water and cook until they are nice and soft.


Make some delicious chicken with couscous

coffee maker hacks

To make a long story short you’re going to poach the chicken first. This means you don’t want the water to completely cover it. Let it cook for 15 minutes on either side and then switch the chicken with the couscous. Add spices and butter to adjust the taste.


Grill that cheese

coffee maker hacks

Once again we’re not using the actual coffee pot. By using the burner you can make grilled cheese just like you would on a stove.


Cook rice

coffee maker hacks

This one is so easy you’d think the coffee maker was actually designed for it. Just add 1/2 a cup of rice per person and leave it for about 10 minutes. Who needs a rice cooker?


Corn on the cob

coffee maker hacks

After about 8 minutes in the coffee pot the corn should be nice and tender.


Instant oatmeat

coffee maker hacks

Put 2 packets of oatmeal into the pot and mix in some salt and honey. You can even put a tea bag in the filter for extra flavor.


Boil eggs

coffee maker hacks

To fry the eggs we just used the burner but to boil them we’ll need the pot. It should only take about 8 minutes.


Chocolate Fondue

coffee maker hackshttps://www.flickr.com/photos/denisdervisevic/4675605487/

Heat up some cream in the pot and after about 15 minutes add some chocolate. Let it cook for another 10 minutes and get ready for the deliciousness!



coffee maker hacks

To make the quintessential college meal just add the noodles to the coffee pot and the spices to the filter (where you normally put coffee). Once the noodles are soft you’re ready to feast!



coffee maker hacks

Just combine the grits with some butter in the coffee pot and you’re done.



coffee maker hacks

Like couscous, lentils are known for cooking fast in hot water…perfect for our coffee pot experiments!



coffee maker hacks

Like grilled cheese this is easy to cook on the burners.


Chicken pesto pasta

coffee maker hacks

Ok, this is a bit more involved. First you have to sear the chicken on the burner. Next you need to use a coffee grinder to make the pesto. And lastly, use the coffee pot to cook the pasta as you’ve already learned. After everything is done just combine and enjoy!


Lemon pepper chicken

coffee maker hackshttps://www.flickr.com/photos/rexipe/931114730/

Put the chicken in the coffee pot and partially cover it in water. Add the seasoning and then turn on the pot. After about 15 minutes flip the chicken over.


Mashed potatoes

coffee maker hacks

Wait! Don’t throw away the leftover juice from the chicken we just cooked. Add some butter and milk and reheat the mixture for about a minute. After this you can add in some potato flakes for a side dish of mashed potatoes!


Candied nuts

coffee maker hacks

With pecans, cinnamon, sugar, water, and a bit of spice you’ll be able to make some of the best candied nuts in your neighborhood.


Brew beer

coffee maker hacks

Yes, this is actually possible. In fact, you can brew beer using Raisin Bran if you have to but the steps are a bit complicated so we’ll leave the googling to you.



coffee maker hacks

You’ll need to cover the burner with some sort of non-stick foil but after that just cook pancakes on the foil as you would normally.



coffee maker hacks

As with the chicken you’ll have to poach the salmon. That means just partially submerge it in water and turn it over after about 15 minutes. Nothing new here.


Steam vegetables

coffee maker hacks

What better to go with your salmon than veggies? Actually, you can even do them at the same time! Just put the vegetables in the basket above while the salmon is poaching.



coffee maker hacks

Start by putting butter in the coffee maker. Once it melts add cocoa, sugar, and syrup. Leave it for about 45 minutes and voila!…caramel goodness!



coffee maker hacks

The hardest part about this is going to be the time. It can take up to 5 hours! To make a long story short though, just add the water and the ingredients in the pot (the water should just about cover everything) and put the stock cube up top in the filter. After several hours of mixing, adding spices and herbs, and more mixing, you’ll have your coffee pot soup!


Make tea


We already mentioned using a tea bag to add some spice to your oatmeal, but you can actually just go all the way and make tea as well, especially loose leaf tea. Just put the tea leaves in the filter and brew the water as if you’re making coffee!

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