25 Controversial UFO Photographs

Since olden times, many people have claimed to witness extraterrestrial beings or aliens. These life forms are called extraterrestrial because they are believed to originate from other worlds. While many people refuse to accept the idea of their existence, many scientists consider extraterrestrial life to be plausible, especially considering their supposed history within human life. These scientists maintain that billions of years ago, it was the genetic complexity of organisms that brought humans into being, and this same genetic complexity could have also brought aliens to life. Some say that these creatures resemble the form of humans but they generally look spine-chilling. Though there is still no direct evidence of their existence, several photographs have been released by eyewitnesses to prove that they actually exist. Here are 25 controversial UFO photographs ever released.

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Seattle, Washington (July 4, 1947)

Seattle, Washington (July 4, 1947)old-ufo-photos.latest-ufo-sightings.net

Three days before the UFO sighting of William Rhodes in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Coast Guardsman Frank Ryman took this photo in Seattle Washington after he saw a disc flying in the horizon on July 4, 1947. This, along with Rhodes’, was published in a local newspaper in Seattle.


Paris, France (1953)

Paris, France (1953)soundofheart.org

This photo was taken by M. Paulin while he was in Paris, France. At exactly 3:45 A.M. sometime in 1953, Paulin saw two disc-like objects passing over the Eiffel Tower. The photo spurred interest from the public and was published in TRUE Magazine.


Fujisawa, Japan (August 20, 1957)

Fujisawa, Japan (August 20, 1957)www.nicap.org

On August 20, 1957 in Fujisawa, Japan, Shinichi Takeda spotted an unidentified flying object near Enoshima Miami Beach at around 11:28 in the morning. This photo shows the UFO, silver in color and giving off a brilliant glow even when it was an approximate altitude of 3000-4000 feet above the ground.


St. Paris, Ohio (May 1932)

St. Paris, Ohio (May 1932)www.skydivelouisiana.net

This photo of a UFO was taken on May 1932 in St. Paris, Ohio. It was taken by George Sutton around midday. Some argue that the unidentified flying object in the photo was just a street lamp, but many believe that it was not since there were no street lamps at the time.


Riverside, California (November 23, 1951)

Riverside, California (November 23, 1951)richardbrull.wordpress.com

Taken by Guy B. Marquand on November 23, 1951, this photo shows an alleged UFO on a mountain road near Riverside, California. According to its photographer, the UFO looked like a huge flying saucer trapped above the skyline.

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