25 Concept Cars That Might Change The Way We Drive

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Automotive industry is among those where technological development is the most obvious. Compared to what cars looked like just decades ago, the modern vehicles are so different and advanced. But the sad fact is that future generations will find the present-day cars just as obsolete and old-fashioned as we now consider the cars produced in the second half of the 20th century. To have an idea of what future generations´ cars might look like, check out these 25 Concept Cars That Might Change The Way We Drive.


Peugeot Flux concept

Peugeot Flux conceptwww.conceptcarz.com

The winner of the 2007 Peugeot International Design Competition, Peugeot Flux is a sport car concept that’s designed to handle an off-road terrain. Designed by a young Romanian designer, the car is powered by a hydrogen fueled engine.


Nike ONE

Nike ONEtech89.blogspot.com

With a maximum speed of 230 mph (370 km/h), Nike One is a hypothetical high-performance  concept car  developed by the sport wear company Nike. Resembling a moon buggy, the car was featured in the Gran Turismo 4 video game.


Jaguar Mark XXI Concept

Jaguar Mark XXI Conceptapkxda.com

Inspired by the idea of living in symbiosis with nature, this concept car is covered in photovoltaic panels that recharge the on-board batteries. Designed to resemble a leaf, the car has a surprisingly comfortable and luxurious interior.


Audi Makaon Speed Sailor

Audi Makaon Speed Sailorwww.syahdiar.org

Conceived for about 2040, Audi Makaon Speed Sailor is to be a lightweight two-seater powered by wind energy.  The seating compartment can be repositioned to balance the vehicle when the wind gets too strong.


Dolphin concept car

Dolphin concept carwww.tuvie_.com

The third winner of the Michelin Design Challenge 2013, the Dolphin concept car is a sport car capable of accommodating an entire family. Designed by three young Chinese, the car’s design is made from transparent glass and carbon fiber.


Honda Air

Honda Airwww.hondainthenews.com

Powered by compressed air, the Honda Air is another take on the future of alternative-powered vehicles. Despite the sci-fi appearance, it’s supposed to be a very safe family car with excellent driving performance.


Nissan Motivity 400C

Nissan Motivity 400Cwww.designbuzz.com

Featuring a triangular body shape to reduce the air drag, Nissan Motivity 400C is a futuristic car offering a powerful driving experience to the rider. Designed by Taiwanese designer Tryi Yeh, the car is designed to run on a maglev engine system.



BMW GINAen.wikipedia.org

Meaning “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptations”, GINA is a fabric-skinned shape-shifting sport car concept by German car manufacturer BMW. The flexible, stretchable and water resistant special Spandex covering the body of the car is extremely resilient and durable.


Gym Car

Gym Carwww.diseno-art.com

What makes this futuristic-looking single-seater different from other electric cars is the fact that the driver can recharge the batteries through working out. Yep, the car is equipped with exercise equipment.


Mazda Kaan

Mazda Kaan

A representative of future race cars, Mazda Kaan is an electric car capable of running as fast as 250 mph (over 400 km/) without producing any harmful emissions. When sitting inside this futuristic three-wheeled race car, you know that victory is sure.


Peugeot Moovie

Peugeot Mooviewww.kewlwallpapers.com

Designed by a Portuguese designer André Costa in 2005, Moovie is a futuristic eco-friendly concept car by Peugeot. The model made for 2005 Frankfurt Auto Show was manufactured from usual concept cars materials such as foam, epoxy, steel or plexiglass.


Venturi Eclectic

Venturi Eclecticwww.motorauthority.com

Resembling a golf buggy more than an actual car, Venturi Eclectic is an electric three-seater, unique thanks to the way it’s powered. Apart from the electricity, the car draws solar energy (via its built-in solar panels) and wind energy (thanks to the wind turbine).


Tron: Legacy Light Cycle

Tron: Legacy Light Cyclegizmodo.com

If you are one of those who after watching the Tron: Legacy wanted to have the light cycle featured in the movie, you can have it for a decent price of 55,000 dollars. The replica of the bike is powered by a Suzuki engine and runs as fast as up to 100mph (160km/h).


Volvo Air Motion

Volvo Air Motionwww.tuvie_.com

Designed by Volvo in 2010, the Air Motion model is an eco-friendly, ultra-light car powered by a compressed air engine. With an appearance resembling a clam shell, the car is to be made from carbon fibers, which would allow the car to weigh under 1,000 pounds (450 kg).


Valmet Dawn EV

Valmet Dawn EVwww.diseno-art.com

One of the most bizarre models on the list, Valmet Dawn EV is an electric single-seater designed by Finnish car manufacturer Valmet for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately, the company did not quote any performance details of this unusual vehicle.


Audi Shark

Audi Sharkthedesigninspiration.com

An astonishing combination of a car, motorbike and an airplane, Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle designed by Kazim Doku. According to the author, this sci-fi-like two-seater will give its drivers strong sensations and high levels of safety.


Hodge Hawk

Hodge Hawkwww.topgear.com

Theoretically powered by a one-liter Honda V-Twin bike engine, Hodge Hawk is a three-wheeler car concept designed by New Zealander designer Alex Hodge. Completely fictional so far, the car cold theoretically run as fast as 145mph (233 km/h).


Rinspeed Splash

Rinspeed Splashwww.thecarconnection.com

Designed by the Swiss car manufacturer Rinspeed, the Splash is a concept sport car capable of transforming itself into a hydrofoil speed boat. The highly complex integrated hydrofoil system actually enables the car to “fly” some 24 inches (60 cm) above the water.


Mazda Taiki

Mazda Taikien.wikipedia.org

Produced in 2007, Mazda Taiki is another concept car by Mazda. This model uses a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout and is powered by Mazda’s next generation RENESIS rotary 16X engine, which is mated to a 7-speed, double-clutch gearbox.



TH!NK FROSTwww.gizmag.com

Designed by Norwegian car designer Anders Gloslie, TH!NK FROST is an all-wheel-drive electric car created for arctic conditions and snowy terrain. The layout of this model mixes the proportions and a two-seat platform of a sport car with the power and roughness of an off-road.


Mercedes-Benz Biome

Mercedes-Benz Biometonipayneonline.com

Created by Mercedes-Benz in 2010, the Biome model is an electric concept car that is said to have grown in a laboratory rather than at a factory line. With a maximum speed of 187mph (300 km/h) and acceleration of just 3 sec., Biome is one of the leaders of its class.


Audi Quatroflex

Audi Quatroflexwww.tuvie_.com

Designed by Alexey Bykov, Audi Quatroflex is a futuristic concept car with no roof and expandable seating. If the layout is not unusual enough for you, let us tell you that this model is supposed to be controlled via a joystick, not a steering wheel.


Lamborghini Madura

Lamborghini Maduralamborghiniland.weebly.com

Named after the Indonesian island of the same name, Madura is a concept car designed by Lamborghini, the Italian producer of luxurious cars. This high-performance stylish car should be available in 2016 and the price is estimated to be about 5 million dollars.


Renault DeZir

Renault DeZirde.wikipedia.org

First officially presented at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, DeZir is an electronic two-seater designed by Renault. Featuring attractive butterfly doors, this concept car is capable of running as fast as 112mph (180 km/h).


Cadillac World Thorium Fuel

Cadillac World Thorium Fuelnationalspeedinc.com

Nicknamed Cadillac WTF, Cadillac World Thorium Fuel is a concept car designed by Lorus Kulesus. As the name suggests, this otherworldly-looking car is powered by thorium that acts like nuclear fuel.

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