25 Complaints That People Often Have About Their Countries

We bet that you have some complaints about your country. After all, no country is perfect. Even though there are plenty of indexes out there showing which country is the best in some given area, people complain anyway. Yes, even the Swiss. So get ready to feel a little less bad about where you live. These are 25 complaints that people often have about their countries!


El Salvador

gunSource: quora

It seems like every other year we become the country with the most homicides in the world



swedenSource: quora

The Law of Jante. It’s basically that individual successes are viewed negatively (tall poppy syndrome for all you British out there)



football/soccerSource: quora

Nobody cares about politics, just football




kremlinSource: quora

People idolizing corrupt politicians.



northern lightsSource: quora

We spend half of our life in darkness

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