25 Comebacks In History That Were Completely Unexpected

Comebacks come in all shapes and sizes. Possibly the most popular type of comeback is the verbal retort. It’s what you say to somebody when they make a comment that you don’t like. They’re memorable, funny, witty, and typically lead to the creation of memes.

There are other comebacks too though. These fall more into the “underdog” category. They happen quite often in sports and competition. It’s when one team is beating another team by a large amount, and then the losing team comes back to win. That’s the classic example. The thing about our list, however, is that we stretch the term to its more colloquial sense. What we mean is that everything from sports teams to actors to entire countries are included. This means that our list touches on anything or anybody that was at one point doing well, then fell from their relatively secure position, and then somehow managed to climb all the way back up.

Now, that’s not to say that the country/person/thing is necessarily at the top right now. For example, the Spartans were doing great, then the Persians came and started beating them, then the Spartans beat the Persians, and now Sparta is just a memory. So, as you can see, the key point in our list is the comeback and the comeback alone. These are 25 Comebacks In History That Were Completely Unexpected!

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GreeceSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A couple thousand citizen soldiers defeated the overwhelmingly superior Persian army. Not once, but twice. You can thank them for democracy.


John Travolta

John TravoltaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Everybody thought he was over until he did Pulp Fiction.



AerosmithSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Few bands have ever come back the way Aerosmith did in the 90’s.


The American Revolution

The American RevolutionSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In terms of numbers, there was no way that the colonies should have won that war, but they did.


Beck Weathers

Beck WeathersSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

During the 1996 Everest Disaster, Beck was left alone on the mountain but managed to make his way down to base camp. Nobody thought he would survive, so they made him comfortable in a tent where he nearly froze to death…again. He survived the second night in spite of losing his arm, both legs, and his nose.

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