25 Easy Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Posted by , Updated on December 14, 2023

Whether it’s a boring party, an awkward silence, or maybe even a special somebody with whom you really want to make a good impression, it never hurts to have a really cool trick up your sleeve. Whether it’s a sleight of hand, a science experiment, or just a really neat and unusual talent, here are 25 Clever Tricks To Impress Your Friends That Are Simple To Do and liven up any situation.



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Splitting an Apple

applesplitSource: http://www.instructables.com/ Image: pixabay.com

Are you still using a boring old knife to cut your apples? If so here is another way that, if not more efficient, is definitely more cool. Hold an apple in both hands with your thumbs over the top of it; by pressing firmly and using a rolling motion, you should be able to split the apple directly down the middle.


Don't Move the Coin

coinbalanceSource: https://www.youtube.com/ Image: pixabay.com

Balance a playing card on the tip of your finger and balance a coin on top of that; now give the card a good flick. The playing card will fly away while the coin stays right on the tip of your finger.


Jumping Egg

eggflipSource: http://bar-tricks.wonderhowto.com/ Image: pixabay.com

By placing an egg with the widest side down into a shot glass and blowing hard directly over the top, you can cause the egg to “jump” and flip over so the narrow side points down instead.


Magic Extinguisher

outcandlesSource: https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/ Image: pixabay.com

Mix a solution of white vinegar and baking soda in a measuring cup and cover the top until it stops fizzing. Next, act like you’re pouring out the air in the cup over a lit candle and be amazed as the flame goes out on its own.


Magic Lighter

lightcandlesSource: http://www.iflscience.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Now that you’ve put out your candle, it’s time to re-light it. Before it stops smoking, quickly hold your lighter to the smoke rising off of the wick; the flame will travel down the trail of smoke and light the candle on its own.


Water into Whiskey

waterwhiskySource: http://www.goodtricks.net/ Image: pixabay.com

Fill a glass with water and a second glass with whiskey. Then, using a plastic card, flip the water upside down and place it on top of the whiskey. Move the card slightly to the side and watch as the two liquids switch places.


Stealing a Flame

zippoflameSource: http://www.instructables.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

If you’ve got an old-fashioned Zippo lighter, this trick will be sure to shock your friends. First, take a pen or screwdriver to push the wick from its usual straight up position to the side; then light it up and run your hand over the flame to give the appearance of “stealing” it. Your hand will starve the flame of oxygen; however, the wick will still be burning in a pocket created when you pushed the wick to the side. Waving your hand like a magician will push air over the lighter and cause the flame to spring back to life.


Balance a Soda Can

sodacanSource: http://www.instructables.com/ Image: pixabay.com

Once you’ve finished off about half of your soda or canned beverage of choice, balance the can on any flat surface by tilting it so it sits on the bottom edge. Move your hands away carefully so you don’t knock it over by accident, and it should stay there until you move it.


Diving Ketchup

ketchupfloatSource: https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/ Image: en.wikipedia.org

Find a ketchup packet that floats and drop it into a bottle filled with water. Cap off the bottle and then amaze your friends with your telekinetic powers – subtly squeeze the bottle to make the packet rise and fall at your will.


Play Piano (Without Actually Playing Piano)

pianoSource: https://www.youtube.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Playing piano is super impressive, but it’s also time consuming and difficult to learn. Don’t worry though; you can look like a real keyboard virtuoso just by spreading out your hands and playing octaves with your thumb and pinkie finger. Make sure to stick to the black keys and throw in some random notes with the three free fingers on your right hand, and you’ll be sure to impress even the toughest of audiences.


Spinning Eggshell

eggspinSource: http://www.youtube.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Pour some water on a plate and rub it around so the whole surface has a thin layer of water covering it, then place a small piece of eggshell on the side of the plate and give it a good spin. The eggshell will spin around the outside of the plate and can be controlled by tilting and rotating the plate in different directions.


Color Changing Drinks

25 Tricks To Impress Your friendsSource: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ Image: en.wikipedia.org

Hide a few drops of food coloring in a cup underneath a couple ice cubes and pour a clear drink, like water or sprite, into the cup. You’ll get a bunch of pretty, colorful drinks for you and your friends to enjoy.


Upside Down Wineglass

wineglassdownSource: http://www.instructables.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

To fill an upside down glass, fill a plate or shallow bowl with water and set a lit candle in the center of it. Take a glass and place it over the candle. As the candle burns, the water will be pulled under the rim and into the glass, filling it. Once all of the liquid is sucked up, you can flip the whole thing over and show your friends the now-full glass.


Magician's Table

tableclothSource: https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/ Image: www.publicdomainpictures.net

You’ve probably seen a magician pull a table cloth out from underneath a set table with out disturbing any of the dinnerware, but if you’ve tried it yourself you might have found that it usually ends in disaster. The trick here is use a non-edged tablecloth and jerk it downwards instead of out.


Levitating Ring

ringsSource: http://www.goodtricks.net/ Image: pixabay.com

Hold each end of  a straight rubber band and place a ring on it between your hands. Tell a friend you can make the ring levitate up the band. Then stretch the band, creating a convincing illusion of the ring defying gravity.


Instant Ice

bottleiceSource: http://chemistry.about.com/ Image: Rob via flickr.com

For a neat science trick, put a bottle of purified or distilled water into the freezer and leave it in there for a couple of hours. Finally, once you take it out, give the bottle a good hard whack and watch the water freeze in front of your eyes.


Grass Whistle

grasswhistleSource: http://woodwind-instruments.wonderhowto.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Next time you’re outside, pick a blade of grass and hold it taut between your thumbs with your nails facing you and blow through the hole created where your thumbs are pressed together. The grass will emit a high pitched whistle that will be sure to impress your friends – or just really annoy them.


Make Lincoln Smile (or Frown)

lincoln_on_5_usd_billSource: http://www.instructables.com/ Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Humanities/2011_June_20

Make two vertical creases in a five dollar bill, one next to each corner of Lincoln’s mouth, and a third crease directly between them but folded the opposite way. Now by leaning the bill towards you or away, you can give America’s sixteenth president a big, happy smile or a sad frown. This can be done with pretty much any paper note with a portrait on it.


Napkin Knot

25 Tricks To Impress Your friendsSource: http://www.askmen.com/ Image: pixabay.com

Lay out a standard napkin and bet your friends you can tie it into a knot without ever letting go of the ends. To tie the knot, just cross your arms before you pick up the napkin, then pull your hands apart and the knot will tie itself.


Balancing Change

notebalanceSource: https://www.scamstuff.com/ Image: pixabay.com

Take a firm, crisp note and fold it so it stands up on its own, then balance a coin on it. By grabbing each end of the note and gently pulling them apart, you will straighten out the note while the coin stays perfectly balanced on top.


CD Bubbles

cdbubbleSource: http://chemistry.about.com/ Image: www.publicdomainpictures.net

If you’ve got any old CD’s or DVD’s laying around the house, you can use them in a cool science experiment. First scratch all the paint off part of the disk so it’s completely clear, then hold a lighter underneath the clear section until it begins to look melted. Once it’s ready, quickly blow onto the melted spot of the disk to create a long plastic bubble. A good bubble could be a couple feet long or more.


The Floating Cup

floatcupSource: http://magic.about.com/ Image: en.wikipedia.org

Poke a thumb-sized hole in the side of a Styrofoam or paper cup and put the tip of your thumb in. Facing your audience, open your hands with your thumb hidden by the cup so it appears as though the cup is flying.


Balancing Forks

forkbalanceSource: http://prop-tricks.wonderhowto.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Place a match between the prongs of two forks with the parts you hold facing back towards you. If done correctly, you should be able to balance the whole thing on just your finger tip.


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Linking Safety Pins

safetylinkSource: http://magic.about.com/ Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Weaken the spring on a safety pin by bending its needle inwards until it can stay closed without the clasp. Now hold it up to your friends with the unclasped end hidden from their view and rub a second pin over it, secretly sliding it over the needle and giving the appearance of the pins becoming linked by magic.



moonwalkSource: http://www.instructables.com/ Image: Umberto Salvagnin via flickr

If you really want to dance like the King of Pop, you have to do it the right way. The trick to moonwalking correctly is to keep the weight on the ball of one foot while you slide backwards on the heel of the other. Once, your feet are about a full step apart shift your weight onto the back leg and repeat.