25 CIA Blunders They Would Rather You Forget

Although most conspiracy theories don’t hold water, you don’t have to go around looking for conspiracy theories to see that governments mess up just as much as anybody. With a history of supporting dictators, performing dubious experiments, and just generally being shady it’s no surprise that the CIA gets a lot of negative press. But hey, what do you expect? Being shady is part of the job. These are 25 secrets and blunders of the CIA that they would rather you forget about.

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When Mohammad Mosaddegh, the democratically elected Iranian prime minister nationalized the country's oil industry and basically removed foreign oil companies from its soil the CIA organized a coup and overthrew him.

CIA blundersSource: wikipedia

The CIA handed out Viagra in order to bribe warlords in Afghanistan

CIA blundersSource: washingtonpost.com


A CIA program called "Operation Midnight Climax" involved enlisting prostitutes to lure men into San Francisco safe houses where they were injected with LSD. This was meant to study the effects on unconsenting individuals

CIA blundersSource: wikipedia

During the 80s the CIA allegedly facilitated cocaine sales in Los Angeles during an operation against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua

CIA blundersSource: wikipedia


Operation Northwoods was a proposal put forth by the Pentagon suggesting that the CIA perform acts of terrorism in the United States and then blame Cuba. The proposal was rejected by the Kennedy administration.

CIA blundersSource: wikipedia

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