25 Chilling Coincidences You Won’t Believe Are Real

Did you know that Napoleon and Hitler were born 129 years apart, came to power 129 years apart, declared war on Russia 129 years apart, and were defeated 129 years apart? Get ready because these are 25 chilling coincidences you won’t believe are real!

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The bullet that took a while to reach its destination

strange coincidences

When Henry Ziegland broke up with his girlfriend and she killed herself, her brother decided to shoot Henry. Thinking he was successful, he also killed himself. Henry survived, however, as the bullet grazed him and lodged in a nearby tree. Years later Henry tried to cut the tree down. It wasn’t working so he decided to use dynamite. Guess who the bullet ended up killing?


Two twins die almost the same way in almost same spot at almost the same time

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In 2002, a man was hit by a truck in Finland as he was trying to cross highway 8 on his bike. 2 hours later his twin brother was also hit by a truck while trying to cross highway 8 on his bike. They died within 1.5 km of each other, 2 hours apart.


Edgar Allen Poe's book comes to life

strange coincidences

Called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”, Edgar wrote his book about 4 shipwreck survivors who were adrift on a raft for several days before deciding to eat the cabin boy whose name was Richard Parker. Not long after, in 1884, a ship called the Mignonette ended up sinking and leaving only 4 survivors. They decided to eat the cabin boy and of course, his name was Richard Parker.


Last name mayhem

strange coincidenceshttp://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2791492

According to Mysteries of the Unexplained, in the 1920s three Englishmen met on a train in Peru. The first one’s last name was Bingham, the second’s was Powell, and the third was Bingham-Powell.


Twin heart attacks

strange coincidences

Two twins, John and Arthur Mowforth lived about 120 km from each other in England. On May 22, 1975 both began to experience chest pain and were admitted to separate hospitals. Unaware of each other’s conditions, they both died not long after.

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