25 Cheapest Ways To Travel The World

Posted by , Updated on November 26, 2022

From couch surfing to working on organic farms these are the 25 cheapest ways to travel the world.



Rent out your home

cheap ways to travel

A couple bucks of rent in America or Europe can go a long way when you’re on the road.


House sit

cheap ways to travel

Sometimes people will let you stay at their house for free as long as you walk their dog.



cheap ways to travel

To do this you may want to look into joining an organization devoted to a worthy cause.



cheap ways to travel

Whether you own the car or not this is a great way to lower your expenses.


Use a food sharing website

cheap ways to travel

Sites like eatwith.com and The Ghetto Gourment connect you with locals who have created miniature restaurants in their home.


House swap

cheap ways to travel

This one is similar to house sitting except now you’re exchanging houses with someone in another part of the world for a time.


Crew a yacht

cheap ways to travel

If you ever find yourself near a port town just get to the docks and start asking questions. Sometimes just having an extra pair of hands will get you a position.


Transport vehicles

cheap ways to travel

Many relocation companies require drivers to move vehicles throughout the year to keep up with demand.


Crew a cruise ship

cheap ways to travel

This option isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds. Although it will get you places you probably won’t be allowed to leave the ship much if at all.



cheap ways to travel

If there’s not an ocean between you and your destination then your own two feet are undeniably the cheapest option.



cheap ways to travel

The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a network of farms throughout the world that sometimes seek volunteers. You work on a farm in exchange for room and board.



cheap ways to travel

If walking doesn’t appeal to you this may be your only other option. Besides, in many parts of the world it’s fairly normal.


Pack a tent

cheap ways to travel

Transportation and lodging are your two greatest expenses and if you can cut back on even one of them your trip will be much more doable.


Get a travel scholarship

cheap ways to travel

Studying abroad is probably one of the more popular ways to see the world…and the most parent approved.


Pack light

cheap ways to travel

You don’t need half the stuff in your backpack. Furthermore, don’t buy things you don’t need. Souvenir expenses add up. Just take pictures.


Use budget airlines

cheap ways to travel

In some places like Europe you can get across the entire continent for barely $30.


Work at a hostel

cheap ways to travel

Although some places may require a work visa, others will let you trade your labor for room and board. Just be careful, it’s easy to be taken advantage of when things are under the table.


Work anywhere you can

cheap ways to travel

Some other options include picking fruit, construction, or being an au pair. Just remember what we said about being taken advantage of.


Don't plan everything

cheap ways to travel

Often times the cheapest option may be in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go. Don’t worry about it. If you’re flexible with your destination you’re almost guaranteed to get their cheaper.


Organize a group tour

cheap ways to travel

This doesn’t mean you’re going to be a tour guide. It just means you were the one who got a large group to fly somewhere…and therefore you got a discount.


Eat street food

cheap ways to travel

Many times you can fill your stomach for less than a dollar if you’re willing to be adventurous.


Take up a challenge

cheap ways to travel

When we say challenge we mean something crazy…like climbing Mount Everest. There are plenty of companies these days that will help you sponsor such things.


Enter a contest

cheap ways to travel

Although it may seem like a long shot, there are lots of travel competitions out there that are looking for winners. If you’re not too picky about your location this may be worth a shot.


Couch surf

cheap ways to travel

Some websites like couchsurfing.com will let you find locals willing to host you for a short time in their city.


Camp in a garden

cheap ways to travel

It’s kind of like surfing on someone’s couch, except outdoors…

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