25 Freakiest Cemeteries That Will Creep You Out

Whether you’re a ghost hunter, a fan of being creeped out, or just an ordinary citizen trying to keep away from ghost stories, there’s plenty for you to enjoy in this list of the freakiest cemeteries in existence. Cemeteries all around the world bear an immediate creepiness factor just by being “cities of the dead”.

Whether it be the presence of mummified corpses or a tragic and traumatic death in the area, some of these cemeteries – the ones in this list – are made immensely more creepy and scary. Some have vampires roaming their grounds, looking to suck the blood out of you or local animals.

Some have spirits of the dead murdered in traumatic circumstances roaming the grounds, wailing at the top of their ghost lungs. (And there’s even a restaurant where you can dine among the dead.) Turn the lights off to up the creepiness factor and dig into this list of the 25 freakiest cemeteries that will creep you out.

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Capela dos Ossos - Portugal

Évora_-_Capela_dos_OssosSource: Rentes de Carvalho, J., Portugal - De Arbeiderspers, Image: Wikimedia

Similar to #25, Portugal’s student city of Evora also has a chapel filled with human remains. Larger than the Capuchin Crypt by a number of bodies (this one has about 5,000), the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) is the resting place for countless bones drawn from countless church cemeteries in the area. Built by a 16th-century Franciscan monk who wanted other Catholics to contemplate life as but a transitory step, the Capela dos Ossos also sports two desiccated corpses hanging from the ceiling on ropes.


Ganges River - Varanasi

Ganges_river_at_VaranasiSource: Eck, Diana L. "Banaras, city of light", Image: Wikimedia

The holiest river in the Hindu religion, the Ganges River begins in the Himalayas and flows 1,569 miles (2,525 km) to the Bay of Bengal. If a Hindu is cremated on the banks of the Ganges in the city of Varanasi and their ashes immersed into the holy waters (bodies are also dumped into the river), they are given instant salvation. With the number of bodies in the river, some wash up on the shore where they are devoured by dogs and flies. With the number of dead spirits in the area, it’s no surprise that many people report eerie feelings around its banks.


Old Jewish Cemetery - Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery - PragueSource: The Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague: A Guide Through the Cemetery, by Hana Volavková, Otto Muneles, Tobiáš Jakobovitsch, Image: Edd Prince via Flickr

One of Europe’s creepiest and most historic cemeteries, the Old Jewish Cemetery is located in Josefov, Prague’s old Jewish Quarter in the Czech Republic. Per religious law, Jews are not permitted to destroy Jewish graves and especially are not permitted to take away a tombstone. Thus, when the Old Jewish Cemetery ran out of space for more bodies, they came up with a clever, though unsettling, way around the problem.

The soil was carted in and placed on top of existing graves whose tombstones were risen and placed on the top layer of soil. In all, the cemetery has twelve layers of graves with tombstones (12,000 visible though there may have been 100,000 burials) packed as tight as sardines on the surface level.


Catacombs - Paris

Catacombes_de_ParisSource: Les Catacombes, Image: Wikipedia

A tourist attraction for almost 150 years, the Parisian Catacombs are known as “The World’s Largest Grave”. Containing the remains of up to six million people, the Catacombs stretch below Paris’s streets. Bones and skulls are stacked up in a somewhat artistic fashion through corridors which seemingly go on forever, most of which are closed to the public for fear of cave-ins. Many paranormal sightings have been seen in this underground including ghost orbs and shadow ghosts patrolling the bones.


Resurrection Cemetery - Chicago

Resurrection Cemetery - ChicagoSource: Paranormal.lovetoknow, Image: Wikimedia

Two “Bloody Marys” are rumored to exist (three if you count the drink). The more well-known, Mary Queen of Scots, and her American counterpart by the same name. Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois holds the body of Mary, a girl attending a funeral at the same cemetery who was murdered upon leaving. Drivers passing nearby report picking up a hitchhiking girl dressed in a white party dress who asks to be dropped off at the cemetery gates where she immediately vanishes inside.

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