25 Celebrity Graves Of Larger-Than-Life Personalities

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Throughout history, people have been fascinated by public figures and their impact on pop culture. These iconic individuals have left a lasting impression not only in their lives but also beyond, primarily through their contributions to film or music. Their graves have subsequently become symbolically rich tourist attractions, drawing many admirers and sadly, also attracting grave robbers. Keen on exploring some of the most noteworthy celebrity final resting places? Discover these 25 Celebrity Graves Of Larger-Than-Life Personalities.


Clark Gable

Clark_Gable_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famous Hollywood actor Clark Gable passed away on November 16, 1960 and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


Jimmy Stewart

Forestlawn_Stewart_graveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Academy Award winning actor Jimmy Stewart, known for movies like Vertigo and It’s a Wonderful Life, died on July 2nd, 1997 at his home at the age of 89. He was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park and his gravestone reads, “For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.”


Charlie Chaplin

Charlie_ChaplinSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Black and white movie comedic actor Charlie Chaplin died on December 25, 1977 and was buried in Corsier Cemetery in Vaud, Switzerland.


John Wayne

John WaynesSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famous Hollywood actor John Wayne was known not only for his support of individualism and the American ideal, but also for his many western and war films. He died June 11, 1979 and was buried at Pacific View Memorial Park.


Bing Crosby

Bing_CrosbySource: https://www.findagrave.com

Actor and singer Bing Crosby is best known for movies like White Christmas and Going My Way. He died on October 14th, 1977 and was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.


Walter Matthau

Walter_MatthauSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Comedic actor Walter Matthau was best known for his roles in The Odd Couple and Grumpy Old Men. He died on July 1st, 2000 and was buried at Westwood Memorial Park.


Frank Sinatra

Frank_SinatraSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Popular actor and singer Frank Sinatra was called “The Voice” and left quite a stamp on the 20th century. He died on May 14th, 1998 and was buried in Desert Memorial Park.


James Cagney

Cagney graveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famed actor James Cagney died on March 30, 1986 and was buried Gate of Heaven Cemetery.


Fred Astaire

Fred_Astaire_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Emmy and Oscar winner Fred Astaire charmed audiences with his acting and dancing. He died on June 22nd, 1987 and was buried at Oakwood Memorial Park.


Bon Scott

Bon_Scott graveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Singer and musician of AC/DC Bon Scott died on February 19th, 1980. His body was cremated and his ashes were thrown into the wind, but his family placed a memorial plaque in Freemantle Cemetery.


Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey_Bogart_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famous Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart was known for movies like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. He died on January 14th, 1957 and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


James Dean

James_DeanSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Young actor James Dean was best known for being an icon of teenage angst and rebellion. He died in a car crash on September 30th, 1955 and was buried at Park Cemetery.


John Belushi

John BelushiSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famous comedian and actor John Belushi tragically died of a drug overdose on March 5th, 1982. He was buried at Chilmark Cemetery.


Merv Griffin

merv griffinSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Best known for his talk show The Merv Griffin Show, Merv Griffin passed away on August 12th, 2007 and was buried at Westwood Memorial Park.


Bette Davis

Bette_Davis_graveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famous actress Bette Davis received numerous firsts, awards, and accolades during her time in Hollywood. She died on October 6th, 1989 and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


Anna Nicole Smith

anna nicole smith graveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Model and actress Anna Nicole Smith became popular from Playboy magazine and her reality television show The Anna Nicole Show. She died February 8th, 2007 and was buried at Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleums.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn_Monroe_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe died from an overdose and was buried at Westwood Memorial Park.


Katharine Hepburn

K-Hepburn-gravestoneSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Academy Award winning actress Katharine Hepburn died surrounded by family at the age of 96. She was buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery.


Bruce Lee

Bruce_lee_graveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Martial artist, actor, and film director Bruce Lee died of a cerebral edema as the result of a combination of too many medications. He was buried at Lake View Cemetery.


Walt Disney

Walt_Disney_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Film pioneer Walt Disney, who brought many classic characters to life through cartoons, died of lung cancer on December 15th, 1966 and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


Elvis Presley

Elvis_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

With 94 gold singles, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, changed American music forever. He died of congestive heart failure on August 16th, 1977 and was buried in Graceland Mansion Estates.


Michael Jackson

Michael_Jackson_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Much like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson was considered “The King of Pop” and revolutionized music and was a spectacle for a generation. He died from intoxication of the drug Propofol and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


Bob Hope

bob hopeSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Famous comedian and actor Bob Hope received many honorary degrees and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He died on July 27th, 2003 and was buried at Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana Cemetery.


Jim Morrison

Jim_Morrison_GraveSource: https://www.findagrave.com

Jim Morrison was the singer and songwriter for the band The Doors. After the band grew to international acclaim, Morrison’s health steadily declined, and he died at the age of twenty-seven in his bathtub. Because his death was kept secret for such a long time, conspiracy theorists claimed his death was faked. Due to this, many have tried to rob his grave. He was buried at Cimetière du Père Lachaise in Paris.


Princess Diana

Princess Diana graveSource: http://content.time.com

In 1997, Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash, creating a media circus for years. She was buried in Althrop on a small island in the center of a lake called “Round Oval.”

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