25 Celebrity Deaths That Are Still Unsolved

Celebrities are victims of seemingly unrestricted access to their private lives since they are always spied on and documented by the media. In some cases though, their fame and popularity proved to be insufficient in saving them from dying or even in finding the true cause of their death. Of course, homicide cases frequently go unsolved not only for decades, sometimes even longer, yet one would expect the police would have an easier job in discovering the killer (if there is one) when the victim is famous. However, many of the celebrity murder and mysterious death cases end up closed after years of fruitless searching. Still, some of them remain open and even decades after the murder authorities are still attempting to piece together what actually happened. Who wouldn’t want to know the events behind Marilyn Monroe’s untimely demise, even if it’s been over fifty years? Who doesn’t want to know the truth behind the night Princess Diana’s car crashed, resulting in her tragic and heart breaking death? Will we ever find the answers to these tragic events? One can only hope. As of now however these 25 celebrity deaths are still unsolved and at least for now remain a mystery.

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Mary Meyer

Source: en.wikipedia.org, Image: en.wikipedia.org Source: en.wikipedia.org, Image: en.wikipedia.org

Mary Meyer was an American socialite and former wife of CIA official Cord Meyer. There were also rumors she was one of the many mistresses of John F. Kennedy. On October 12, 1964, Meyer finished a painting and went for a walk along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal towpath in Georgetown. A mechanic named Henry Wiggins was trying to fix a car on Canal Road and heard a woman cry for help. He claimed he heard two gunshots and ran to a low wall overlooking the path where he saw “a black man in a light jacket, dark slacks, and a dark cap standing over the body of a white woman.” Meyer’s murder stirred speculation relating to Kennedy’s presidency and assassination, but her case remains unsolved.


Barbara Colby

Source: en.wikipedia.org, Image: en.wikipedia.org Source: en.wikipedia.org, Image: en.wikipedia.org

On July 24, 1975, just three episodes into the TV series Phyllis, American actress Barbara Colby and a colleague, James Kiernan, were walking to their car following an acting class in Venice, California, when they were shot inside a parking area. Colby was killed instantly; Kiernan, however, was able to describe the shooters to police before he too succumbed to his wounds. Kiernan said he did not recognize the two men, and that the shooting had occurred without warning, reason, or provocation. Police noted there was no attempt to rob the pair and concluded it was a random drive-by shooting. The killers were never identified and the case remains open.


Peter Ivers

Source: allmusic.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.orgSource: allmusic.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Peter Ivers was the host of the New Wave Theater when he was found bludgeoned to death in his bed in downtown LA in 1983. Evidence was later unearthed by the Los Angeles Police Department to reopen the investigation. Upon his death, many of his friends went to Ivers’s apartment to mourn him, though in doing so, they accidentally tampered with the evidence. A number of theories abound about the cause for his murder. Some say he was killed as the result of a robbery, while others speculate that he was killed by one of the attendees of the New Wave Theater. The case remains open.


Anna Nicole Smith

Source: biography.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org Source: biography.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

Anna Nicole Smith was a famous American model, actress, and television personality. She first gained popularity in Playboy and was the 1993 Playmate of the Year. She is best remembered, however, for her mysterious death and the media drama surrounding it. Initially, her behavior on her reality show started to become increasingly bizarre, but when her son died of an overdose in 2006 she literally broke down. She died six months later after suffering from severe depression, under the influence of a similar drug cocktail her son had died from. But what remains unknown is whether Smith took her own life or if someone prescribed the fatal cocktail.


Jack Nance

Source: thecityofabsurdity.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org Source: thecityofabsurdity.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

Nance was an American actor known for his work with director David Lynch, particularly for his role in the film Eraserhead. He died in South Pasadena, California, on December 30, 1996, under mysterious circumstances. Nance told friends a young homeless man had beaten him outside a Winchell’s Donuts store in the early hours of December 29. Later that day, he lunched with friends who noticed a visible “crescent-shaped bruise” under his eye. After lunch he went home, complaining of a headache. The injuries he received caused a subdural hematoma, resulting in his death the following morning. A subsequent police investigation failed to find evidence of the alleged fight.

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