25 Celebrities That Are Smarter Than Their Image Would Lead You To Believe

Celebrities aren’t all as dumb as they look. Yes, we know, some of them can look pretty dumb, but in many ways that is a part of the show. Think about it. Celebrities have to build a “persona.” This persona is the image of themselves that they project to the world. It may be the “bad boy” persona, the “good girl” persona, the “dumb redneck” persona, and the list goes on.

A good example would be comedians. Even when they are doing interviews or just hanging around in the spotlight, they can still hide behind their persona. The same holds true for politicians. Actually, don’t even get us started on that one. Politicians are so guilty of this that it’s not even funny. Of course, that is why you will find both actors and politicians on our list. In fact, you might find some that are both actors and politicians. The governator anybody?

So no matter what your opinion is of these celebrities. Even if you hate them with a very unfounded passion, you still cannot deny that they are most likely not the way they present themselves to the public. These are 25 celebrities that are smarter than their image would lead you to believe!

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Featured image: Flckr user: Gage Skidmore


"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

HacksawImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Jim Duggan (whose nickname is Hacksaw) was a plant biologist before he started his wrestling career.


Ken Jeong

Ken JeonImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Famous for his role in the Hangover, Ken is a practicing physician.


Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'NealImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Although he is often made out to fit the dumb giant mold, the way he has conducted his business affairs shows otherwise. In fact, he even received an Ed.D. (Doctor of Education).


Matt Damon

Matt DamonImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

While he might not be quite the math genius he plays in Good Will Hunting, he did go to Harvard.


Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester StalloneImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

The fact that he wrote the script for Rocky speaks volumes.

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