25 Breathtaking Overview Aerial Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Inspired by the “Overview Effect” – a sensation that astronauts experience when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth from space – the breathtaking, high definition satellite photographs found in the book, Overview: A New Perspective by Benjamin Grant offer a new and stunning way to look at our world. On this list you will see a sample of some of the most incredible satellite photos from the overview project: patterns and colors you would have never guessed were even possible. Check out these 25 breathtaking Overview aerial photos that will blow your mind!

PS: If you want to see the full incredible collection by Benjamin Grant, be sure to buy his book: Overview: A New Perspective.


Shadegan Lagoon | Iran

SHADEGAN LAGOON Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Dendritic drainage systems are seen around the Shadegan Lagoon by Musa Bay in Iran. The word ‘dendritic’ refers to the pools’ resemblance to the branches of a tree, and this pattern develops when streams move across relatively flat and uniform rocks, or over a surface that resists erosion.


Eixample | Barcelona, Spain

EIXAMPLE Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

The Eixample District in Barcelona, Spain is characterized by its strict grid pattern and apartments with communal courtyards. This thoughtful and visionary design was the work of Ildefons Cerdà (1815–1876). His plan features broad streets that widen at octagonal intersections to create greater visibility with increased sunlight, better ventilation, and more space for short-term parking.


Angkor Wat | Cambodia

ANGKOR WATSource and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Angkor Wat, a temple complex in Cambodia, is the largest religious monument in the world (first it was Hindu, then Buddhist). Constructed in the twelfth century, the 820,000 sq m (8.8 million sq ft) site features a moat and forest that harmoniously surround a massive temple at its centre.


Olives | Córdoba, Spain

OLIVES Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

Olive tree groves cover the hills of Córdoba, Spain. Approximately 90% of all harvested olives are turned into oil; the remaining 10% are eaten as table olives. With rising temperatures and phenomenal weather variations in growing regions, olive groves on high hills or slopes will probably suffer less, but groves located on low altitude areas or plains could become totally unproductive.


Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant | Seville, Spain

GEMASOLAR THERMOSOLAR PLANT Source and image: ©BenjaminGrant / ©DigitalGlobe

This Overview captures the Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant in Seville, Spain. The solar concentrator contains 2,650 heliostat mirrors that focus the sun’s thermal energy to heat molten salt flowing through a 140-m-tall (460-ft) central tower. The molten salt then circulates from the tower to a storage tank, where it is used to produce steam and generate electricity. In total, the facility displaces approximately 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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