25 Blogging Tips You Need To Learn Today

Posted by , Updated on February 21, 2018

If you’re looking for awesome blogging tips, you’ve come to the right place. Blogging is a fun way to express your thoughts and share your passion. However, success in blogging means hard work and a whole lot of patience. Like in any other field, success comes to those who are open to learning. The best way to improve your blogging skills is to tap into the knowledge from people who are already successful. So today, we’re going to share with you 25 blogging tips from 25 bloggers you’ll probably want to implement today.


“Make your commenters feel important” – Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Make your commenters feel like the most important people in the world (even if you only have two). Personally respond to their comments. Engage them in conversation. Connect with them on social media channels.They are the most important people to your blog. Make sure they know you know that.

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” Use your voice”- John Lusher

John Lusher

Write as you speak. When you write, make sure you are writing the same way you speak, using your words and your manner of speaking.

Write for one person.  To this day I remember what my manager told me when I was a new DJ at a radio station; picture yourself talking to one person, or having a conversation with one person. You want a lot of people to read your blog, but write it as if you were writing for just one person.

Record yourself.  Recording yourself talking about the blog topic will help you to write as you speak and can help you avoid writers block. Relax and talk about the topic, then listen back to the recording and write your post!

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“Don’t rush publishing your post” – Suzanna Keith

Suzanna Kieth

Allow several days for each post:

Be sure to give yourself several days for each post. It is always best to sleep on a post before publishing. In the morning you have a fresh eye to catch grammar, spelling or even more focused content. Also, extra days give you the time to run the copy by a friend or
eagle eye mentor for edits.

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“Write every post with conviction and authenticity”- Samantha Gluck

Samantha Gluck

The blogging platform represents a great privilege for those who’ve been doing it for years and for those just beginning on the journey. My best advice for newbies is to write every post with conviction and authenticity. Don’t just write to get something out there. There’s an old cliché that gets bandied about among bloggers that says, “content is king”. Phrases become clichés because they’re borne from truth. While you don’t need to write perfect blog posts each time, you’ve got to write good, high quality posts that reflect the message you want to give to the world. It’s better to write one great post every two weeks than to bang out a mediocre collection of words just so you can say you’ve done your weekly or bi-weekly article for your website. Free your mind of all the clutter. Don’t worry about what others think. Let your words flow like a mighty river and change the world. You can do it.

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“Who is your target audience” – Chris Rauschnot

Chris Raushnot

New bloggers have so many options when it comes to getting the word out. The first step is to figure out who your audience is. Photographers that start a blog will want to feature their work front and center, so integrating with services like Instagram will help to gain followers. People that want to blog about technology should look at doing unboxing videos of products and reach out to companies that have products they want to test. Video blogging has become so necessary today that writing alone is not enough. Follow and engage other top bloggers in your field by retweeting them, repinning their content, write comments on their blogs and ask questions. Next steps would be to visit events in the local area where bloggers meet up. Find blogs that might want to accept a guest blog post to cross promote each other.

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