25 Blogging Tips You Need To Learn Today

If you’re looking for awesome blogging tips, you’ve come to the right place. Blogging is a fun way to express your thoughts and share your passion. However, success in blogging means hard work and a whole lot of patience. Like in any other field, success comes to those who are open to learning. The best way to improve your blogging skills is to tap into the knowledge from people who are already successful. So today, we’re going to share with you 25 blogging tips from 25 bloggers you’ll probably want to implement today.


“Become very active on social media”- Rick Griffin

Rick Griffin

My number one tip for new bloggers is to become very active in social media. People are more likely to read and recommend your blog if they feel they know you or something about you. So build online relationships with key people, brands and other bloggers that are involved in your areas of interest. Follow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, comment on their posts and participate in their conversations. Every time you do, you are exposing yourself to their audience and letting people know who you are.  Don’t just say “Hey, read my new blog”. Social media is SOCIAL so be sociable… and remember to keep your profile up to date

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“Use the inverted pyramid writing style” – Rachelle Witman


As a new blogger, your goal is to provide quality information that people are searching for. And how you catch their attention is by using an inverted pyramid style of writing.In this style, the most important points of your blog post are stated first. You present your key points and conclusion in the first  paragraph. Then, you provide background info and supporting details in subsequent paragraphs.

The 5W’s of Who, What, Where, When, and Why are written in order of importance in your post. The focused data is the point of the pyramid. The rest is to build the base, which includes your personal story, quotes, statistics, and other information that validates you as an expert. Readers often scan rather than read. Therefore, this style caters to your future readers, as you organize your thoughts effectively, and present your key details up front. Writing that engages readers with info-rich content, will entice them to read your whole post, and keep them coming back.

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“Always be learning”- Steve Woods

Steve Woods

Whether you’re a novice blogger or are reading this list because you know most of the writers and tips highlighted here (and just want to be polite), you’ve got room to grow when it comes to sharing via your posts.  We all do…

A successful blogger is someone who sneaks a peek at other successful blogs, particularly those that write about similar topics.  Sure, you know your audience, but that’s today, and your audience changes as they consume (and produce) content in a shifting landscape.  Heed advice and learn to shift with them. Can you tighten up your writing, or simplify your blog’s layout? Can you learn to incorporate other media along with the typical text and images?  If you take your own photos, are you an expert at snapping memorable, moving shots?

Never stop looking for ways to improve on what you know, so you can meet and exceed your readers’ expectations for content.  Every awesome blog grew incrementally, along with the skills of its writer.  You can do this, too. On top of committing time to blog weekly (or more often if possible), consider dedicating time to reading lists like this, subscribing to blogging improvement sites likePodJam, and perusing trending blog lists like Technorati.  If time and budget allows, join other earnest bloggers in improvement sessions at blogging conferences like BlogWorld once a year.  You’ll get the support you need to stay focused and fresh.

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“Consult with Google Keyword Tools” – TJ McCue

TJ McCue

It is not hard to find good topics to write about for your blog or website. Most business owners have an abundance of challenges or products that they thinkcustomers want to know more about. However, the challenge is finding topics that people actually care about and search. Let me explain very candidly — we are all victims of the belief that we understand our customers and prospects. It is sometimes true, but most often, we miss the mark by just a tiny amount and our blogs and websites suffer. Search engine results can tell you if you are on target or not for any keyword.  Google offers a free tool that is aimed at helping you determine what keywords your audience will click, if you buy an ad on Google also known as Adwords. But that tool, even though it is to help you buy pay-per-click advertisements from Google — is also useful for figuring out if people are searching for your topic. You do not have to buy Adwords ads to use the tool — just go to the main Adwords page to signup. Once you do, you can get access to a variety of tools, but the one that will help you find the terms that people actually search for is called the Keyword Tool.

It is fairly intuitive to use — you enter a word or phrase that you think is the one customers are searching. It will tell you approximately how many and then below that it will suggest other keywords and phrases that have more (or less) search volume. I rarely write an article or blog post without first consulting the Google Keyword Tool.

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“Don’t be afraid to ask smart questions” – Sara Hawkins

Sara Hawkins

As a new blogger it may seem like everyone else knows what they’re doing and you’re just trying to catch up. It’s difficult to know everything, though, so don’t be afraid to ask smart questions. Social media is social and the number of people who are willing to help will astound you. Social media also gives you access to the insights, tutorials, and thoughts of many who graciously share their knowledge for free. One of the greatest things about blogging is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. By following hashtags, searching for key words or just asking questions on Twitter or Google+, you’ll find that people are willing to help you succeed.
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