25 Black Mirror Easter Eggs You’ll Want To Know About!

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Presenting a compilation related to the near future: 25 Black Mirror Easter Eggs You’ll Be Interested to Discover. Deciding to begin a new TV series is a tough choice. You surely don’t want to spend your time on something you may not even end up liking.

Furthermore, if the show is a sci-fi one. You will either love or hate science fiction. There are no in-between situations with this genre.

Black Mirror, however, is the kind of show that you will most likely love. It’s extremely witty and brilliantly disturbing. The plots stimulate the mind and keep you thinking long after you’ve watched each episode.

Every storyline highlights our relationship with modern technology and how it can be dangerous at times. Yep, you heard that right. For all its undeniable advantages, technology can hurt you if you allow it.

Before we reveal too much though, here follow 25 Black Mirror Easter Eggs You’ll Want To Know About before watching the show.


The paparazzi scuffle


You will notice the same headline in two different episodes. You can clearly see “Geraint Fitch cleared of wrongdoing following paparazzi scuffle” on UKN channel of both “The Waldo Moment” and “The National Anthem.”


The ads of Waldo and Abi Khan


In “The Waldo Moment” episode we get a chance to see a fancy place ala Times Square, with several billboard ads. Look a little closer at the billboards. There’s an Abi Khan’s ad (from “Fifteen Million Merits”) right next to Waldo’s ad!


Prime Minister and the pig


In the very first episode of the series titled “The National Anthem,” we witness Prime Minister Callow having sex with a pig. Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds really. The man’s forced to do it in order to save the life of someone.

In season 4 the “romance” reappears. In “Black Museum” we see a newsreel that declares the marriage of the politician to the pig. Is this the weirdest Easter egg ever or what?


Online dating in Black Mirror


Elena (the front desk girl of the company) uses an in-universe dating app In “USS Callister.” Nothing wrong or weird with that. The thing is that she uses the same dating app from “Hang the DJ.”


Larkange vs Arkangel


In “Crocodile,” Shazia stops at a petrol station to search for Noni on her phone. As she’s tracking her down, we see that Noni’s work address includes the word Larkange. This is an anagram of “Arkangel,” the title of the second episode in season 4.


Saint Juniper's Hospital


Dr. Haynes is Stefan’s shrink. He has an office in Saint Juniper’s Hospital, which clearly refers to the episode “San Junipero.” Also, did you notice that he has the same name with Rolo Haynes from “Black Museum?” Is that a coincidence? We think not!


Victoria Skillane appeal bid rejected


In “White Christmas” we see Potter watching the news broadcast about the rail crash. At some point, we can clearly read the news crawl at the bottom of the TV screen saying, “Victoria Skillane appeal bid rejected.”

To refresh your memory, Victoria Skillane is the main character from the “White Bear” episode.


Kids love Hip-Hop in Black Mirror as well


We all know Hip-hop is one of the most popular music genres. Kids from all over the world love it. Kids in the Black Mirror love it too. In season’s 4 “Arkangel,” we see a Tusk poster hanging in the daughter’s room. Tusk’s a rapper from “Hated in the Nation” episode.


Same actress in two different roles


We’re not sure if the producers of the show did that intentionally or not. Thanks to the incredibly observant fan-base of the show though, they couldn’t get away with it.

The actress (Hannah John-Kamen) who plays Selma in “Fifteen Million Merits,” also portrays Sonja in “Playtest.”


The Waldo Sticker


In “Shut Up and Dance” Kenny receives some weird texts from an unknown number. While he’s texting back, we can clearly spot a Waldo sticker on his laptop.


The White Bear


The same glyph that haunts Stefan in season’s 2 “White Bear” episode, reappears in Bandersnatch representing two branching pathways.


“Crocodile” honors Jodie Foster quietly


Every fan of the show knows that Jodie Foster directed the “Arkangel” episode. Most of you, however, probably didn’t notice another little detail related to Foster. In “Crocodile,” Mia’s son participates in a play titled Bugsy Malone.

This play was inspired by a classic seventies film with an all-child cast. The main star of that film was a young Jodie Foster.


Joker’s alter ego


In “The Waldo Moment” we meet a mysterious character going by the name Jack Napier. This is an obvious reference to the Joker from Batman. Jack Napier is an alter-ego associated with the Joker, which is often used as the villain’s real name.


Anyone Who Knows What Love Is?


There’s a song that keeps playing in pretty much every episode. This song is Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas. We first hear this song in season one’s “15 Million Merits” episode, where Abi sings it on the TV show ‘Hot Shot.’

It reappears in season two and “White Christmas” when Beth sings it at karaoke. It plays again in Season 3’s “Men Against Fire,” and in Season 4’s “Crocodile.”

Someone loves Irma the “Soul Queen of New Orleans” Thomas a little too much. Can you tell?


Robot from "Bandersnatch" and video games


Do you remember the creepy robot from “Metalhead?” Yep, the one that looks like a metal cockroach. You can see it again in “Bandersnatch” but as a video game character in a game called “Metlhedd.”


Fence's Pizza Transformation


We meet Fence’s Pizza for the first time in Season 4. In its first appearance in “USS Callister,” it looks like your ordinary pizza delivery shop. In “Crocodile” however, it’s transformed into a self-driving truck that serves its clients pizza through an automated delivery machine.


Mass Effect’s cameo in the show


A planet from the legendary Mass Effect video game, exists inside Infinity. In “USS Callister” episode, the Callister crew is looking for Valdack. They scan through the whole star system to find this dude.

A planet Rannoch B pops out and if you’re a gamer you will easily recognize the name Rannoch. Yep, it’s the name of the former quarian homeworld in Mass Effect.


Shot out to Star Wars


Toby Haynes (director of “USS Callister”), admitted that this episode was heavily inspired by some of his favorite sci-fi movies. Three of these references came from the Star Wars saga.

Haynes said to Hollywood Reporter, “One of the references is when Cristin wakes up in the medical bay. The way the lights came on was a reference to Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One trailer — the shot that never made the movie.”


TCKR Company


This Easter egg will truly make you wonder how the fans find the time to notice such little things. On top of EDGE magazine in “Playtest” you can read something saying, “Insider TCKR: Turning Nostalgia Into A Game.”

In case you’re normal enough to never notice that, TCKR is the company that developed “San Junipero.”


In “Crocodile” Charlie Brooker toys with the hardcore fans


“Crocodile” clearly proves that Charlie Brooker (creator of the show) spies on the die-hard fans of the show. And he thinks that are really cool in a bizarre way.

The eagle-eyed fans who watched this episode, probably spotted a message typed into an article that Mia reads which says, “Of course the real question is why anyone would pause what they’re watching just to read a sentence in a printed out newspaper article, says a voice in your head – before advising you to go and share this finding on Reddit.”

Sorry folks, but while you’re collecting Easter eggs, Mr. Brooker is having a blast.


The number 4 in season 4


In season 4, number 4 plays an extremely significant role. In the fourth episode of the season, “Hang the DJ,” number 4 goes wild; like literally. At the 44 minute mark, Amy asks from “Coach” to count to four.

The whole thing ends at 44:44, when Amy decides to throw Coach into a swimming pool and the tablet skips four times.


The computer from “Neuromancer”


Like we already mentioned, in Black Mirror you can notice several references to other sci-fi shows, books, and films. In “USS Callister” Daly uses an operating system called Ono-Sendai.

That’s the same company of computers case uses in William Gibson’s sci-fi novel (1984) titled Neuromancer.


"Black Museum" is a gigantic Easter egg itself


“Black Museum” is literally a huge basket of Easter eggs. Truth be told, what Black Mirror episode isn’t? However, this episode is on another level. We tried to collect the most important for you:

– Victoria Skillane picture is in the Black Museum

– The White Bear ski-mask man is on display too

– You can also see the game from “Playtest”

– You will notice the same DNA replicator that Robert Daly had in “USS Callister”

– Tommy’s lollipop is an artifact on display as well


The Matrix “appears” in Black Mirror too


A sci-fi masterpiece as The Matrix couldn’t miss from the show’s many references. In “Novedive,” Lacie meets a trucker who advises her to abandon the imposed system. At some point, the trucker offers her a choice of drinks: coffee, which is in a blue flask, or whiskey, which is in a red flask.

This is a clear reference to Matrix’s blue pill/red pill that Morpheus offered to Neo. The coffee represents Lacie’s decision to obey to the system, while the whiskey offers her the opportunity to abandon that character for good.


In “Metalhead” Charlie Brooker mocks the fans (again)


During a quite heated scene in “Metalhead,” Charlie Brooker found a wicked way to mock the fans. In this episode, Clarke hacks into a car and enters an ignition code to the computer he finds in the car. While we are looking for more hidden messages and secrets, all we get is this:

LOADED: \BMS1E1.drivers.tna.pigpoke

LOADED: \BMS1E2.drivers.15mm.bing.abi

LOADED: \BMS1E3.drivers.tehoy.men (I’m not sure about the last word)

LOADED: \BMS2E1.drivers.brb.attic

LOADED: \BMS2E2.drivers.white.bear

LOADED: \BMS2E3.drivers.waldo.mt

LOADED: \BMS2E3.drivers.white.xmas

LOADED: \WHY.did.you.bother

LOADED: \PAUSING.this.you.freak

Well played Mr. Brooker!

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