25 Bizarre Stories Of Missing Kids

Stories of missing kids are unfortunately all too common. A report released by the FBI claimed there were 464,324 missing children reports in 2017 alone. Sadly, that’s probably a lower number than previous decades and doesn’t include the countless numbers of unreported missing children. When a child goes missing, it’s devastating for the parents, their communities, and the world at large. It creates an empty hole and a mystery begging to be solved. Even though we have programs like Amber Alerts to help find missing kids, too often children are abducted and don’t have happy endings. Every now and then, some of the stories are so odd and bizarre, it seems like the deeper you go, the more mysterious it becomes. Here are 25 Bizarre Stories Of Missing Kids.

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Paul Joseph Fronczak

strollerSource: https://abcnews.go.com/US/stolen-birth-paul-fronczak-closer-finding-blood-relatives/story?id=22888623

Stolen from a Chicago hospital when he was only a day old, this baby mysterious appeared in a stroller two years later and based on Paul’s description was reunited with his parents. Oddly enough, though, 40 years later, a DNA test proved the baby returned to the Fronczaks was not related to them.


Danielle Cramer

stairsSource: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/193625

This 15-year-old girl went missing for a full year until the police found her. It’s where they found her that’s truly bizarre – in her neighbor’s cupboard underneath the stairs. Her parents were even friends with the girl’s captor, Adam Gault. He had been using her and other girls to make pornographic videos and posting them on the internet.


Nicholas Barkley

baseballSource: https://allthatsinteresting.com/nicholas-barclay-frederic-bourdin

This boy was last seen playing basketball in San Antonio, TX on June 13th, 1994. Three years later, a young man from Spain said he escaped a child slave ring and was Nicholas Barkley. Great, right? Trouble was this man wasn’t actually Nicholas but Frederic Bourdin, a conman who regularly impersonated missing children.


Trenton Duckett

cribSource: http://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2015/9/14/fl_missing_children_day_trenton_duckett

This two-year-old boy disappeared from his mother Melinda’s home in 2006 without a sign of struggle. Initially, fingers pointed at her husband, Josh, since they were embroiled in a divorce. However, it came to light that she had framed him by hacking into his email and making it look like he was involved. So, what happened to Trenton? No one knows, and his mother killed herself before authorities could get answers from her.


Kyron Horman

science fairSource: https://www.businessinsider.com/dugard-casey-anthony-elizabeth-smart-kyron-missing-child-cases-2011-7?op=1

This seven-year-old boy was last seen giving a science presentation on frogs before he went missing while heading to another school class. Some suspected his mother, Terri, was involved in his kidnapping, considering six months earlier she’d hired a hit man to kill her own father and her testimonial statements were often conflicting and inconsistent.

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