25 Bizarre Ocean Phenomena You Won’t Believe Are Real

Despite advances in technology, we still have so much to learn about the ocean and all of its mysteries. Curious about what some of those ocean mysteries are? From lost civilizations to strange noises and bizarre creatures, there’s so much out there to discover and to learn. Here are 25 Bizarre Ocean Phenomena You Won’t Believe Are Real.

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The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda_TriangleSource: http://www.history.com

The Bermuda Triangle is a general area in the Caribbean where several mysterious shipwrecks and plane disappearances occurred without notice, vanishing without a trace. Stories go all the way back to Christopher Columbus, who claimed compass readings were erratic in the area. Later, Navy bombers claimed to get disoriented in the area as well. Most scientists, however, claim there is nothing to prove there’s any special about the area and that crashes and disappearances happen all over the world, leading them to say that this mystery is actually solved.


Kaz II

catamaran-737722_640Source: https://www.theguardian.com

Drifting off the Australian Great Barrier Reef, the Kaz II was found with the engine idling and everything in order except the three men that set sail. These men have never been found again without so much as a whiff of what happened. Many speculate their ship was attacked by pirates, they faked their deaths for life insurance, or that it was just a freak accident and they drowned.



River_surfing_-_Severn_boreSource: http://strangesounds.org

A tidal bore is a surfers dream come true and ocean phenomenon that creates continuous waves. One particular place is the Pororoca where the Atlantic Ocean waves meet the Amazon River, creating massive 12-feet high waves.


Cannibal Shark

Lemon-shark-at-the-Oregon-Coast-Aquarim1Source: http://people.com

While tracking Great White populations, a 9-foot Great White shark did something scientists weren’t expecting, it ate a smaller Great White shark. They threw out a few suggestions of why this might have happened, including a territorial dispute and extreme hunger.


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Bioluminescent_dinoflagellates_2Source: http://mentalfloss.com

Sailors call bioluminescence in the ocean, “The Burning Sea.” If you get a glimpse at it, it’s easy to see why. However, the glowing blue of the ocean is created by tiny plankton that releases the same bioluminescence as fireflies.

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