25 Bizarre Lawsuits That You Won’t Believe Are Real

From robbers suing their victims to Michael Jordan look alikes suing for “mental anguish” these are 25 bizarre lawsuits that you won’t believe are real.

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Batman sues Batman

bizarre lawsuits

The mayor of Batman city in southeastern Turkey sued Warner Bros for using his city’s name without permission. “There is only one batman in the world” he was quoted as saying.


Store owner sues homeless man for $1 million

bizarre lawsuits

In 2007 the owner of posh Karl Kemp & Associates Antiques in Manhattan sues several homeless people for hanging out in front of his store and scaring away customers.


Student sues school for being awakened by teacher

bizarre lawsuits

After falling asleep in class and being awakened by a teacher smacking her palm down on his desk, a 16 year old’s parents decided to sue the Connecticut Board of Education for the hearing loss he suffered.


Man sues himself

bizarre lawsuits

In 1995 Robert Brock, a Virginia state prisoner, decided he wanted to be moved from prison to a mental institution. He claimed that his crime was against his morals and that he had violated his own civil liberties. Although he sues himself for $5 million he also said the state should pay since he didn’t have an income.


PETA sues Division of Fish and Wildlife

bizarre lawsuits

On their way home from a protest, two members of PETA hit a deer with their car. They then informed the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife that they were going to sue them as a result of their deer management program which includes, in certain circumstances, an effort to increase the deer population.

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