25 Bizarre And Interesting Facts About Christmas

Posted by , Updated on November 27, 2017


There are many bizarre and interesting facts about Christmas. For example, did you know that many zoos feed donated Christmas trees to their animals? Or that during Christmas there is a village in Peru where both young and old settle any outstanding grudges with fist fights? Wait until you see the rest of the cool Christmas facts found in our list! These are 25 bizarre and interesting facts about Christmas.

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An artificial Christmas tree would have to be reused for more than 20 years to be “greener” than buying a fresh-cut tree annually


We frequently abbreviate Christmas as X-mas because of ancient tradition. X is the Greek letter “chi” which is an abbreviation for the word “Christ” in Greek


Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for Christmas dinner, thanks to a successful marketing campaign 40 years ago. KFC is so popular that customers must place their Christmas orders 2 months in advance


The people of Oslo, Norway donate the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree every year in gratitude to the people of London for their assistance during WWII.


Christmas purchases account for 1/6 of all retail sales in the U.S annually


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