25 Bizarre Historical Facts You Didn’t Know

Posted by , Updated on July 28, 2014


Aren’t you glad dentures are no longer made from the teeth of dead soldiers? Here are 25 bizarre historical facts you didn’t know.

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At its peak the Roman Empire stretched for 2.51 million square miles. It was only the 19th largest empire in history.

bizarre history facts

It has been calculated that in the last 3,000 years there have only been 240 years of peace in the world

bizarre history facts

The current US flag was designed by high schooler Robert Heft as part of a school project for which he recieved a B-. When his design was chosen to represent the nation his teacher changed the grade to an A.

bizarre history facts

Of the ten deadliest wars every fought, seven were fought in China

bizarre history facts

More people died in each of the two largest than in WWI

bizarre history facts

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