25 Bizarre Facts About Teeth That Are Actually True

Our teeth are with us for our entire lives … well, depending on your hygiene. However, we often don’t pay them much attention unless we’re cleaning them or if there’s something wrong with them.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about teeth. These are 25 Bizarre Facts About Teeth That Are Actually True.

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Your Dominant Hand is Also Your Dominant Chewing Side


Typically, if you’re right-handed, you’ll tend to chew on your right side. If you are left-handed, your dominant chewing side will likely be on the left.


Teeth Are Stronger Than Bones


Some people believe that bones are the strongest part of the human anatomy, but the tooth enamel on the exterior of teeth is actually the strongest and most durable part of the body.


Most of the Tooth Isn’t Visible


Two-thirds of the tooth is actually underneath the gums. Only one-third of the tooth is visible.


"Just Brushing" Misses 40% of Your Teeth


Brushing your teeth only cleans 60% of your teeth. The other 40% is covered by flossing your teeth. Yes, it is important to floss.


Roman Toothpaste


Before toothpaste was invented, Romans used to make a paste out of broken eggshells, bones, ox hooves, and ashes.

Sounds safe.

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