25 Bizarre Collections That’ll Make You Wonder About Humanity

Most of us collect something. Stamps, coins, car models, comic books… These items are among the most common. But there are memorabilia far stranger out there. From air sickness bags to burnt food, check out these 25 bizarre collections.

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Burnt food

www.wcvb.com Burnt-Foodwww.wcvb.com

Museum of burnt food was founded in the late 1980’s by Deborah Henson-Conant and recently relocated to Arlington, Massachusetts. The exhibit wings of the Museum house more than 49,000 scorched, singed, seared, and charred items of staggering diversity, ranging from carbonized elephants, venison, pork, fish and poultry to thrice-baked potatoes.



www.nizarazu.com superman3www.nizarazu.com

Herbert Chavez from Calamba Laguna, Philippines, can boast of a superman memorabilia collection with almost 1300 items. Herbert has even undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries for his nose, cheeks, lips and chin down to his thighs and even his skin color to look more like his idol.



goldenbookofrecords.com Golden-book-of-world-records-Largest_collection_of_snickers_Jordan-Michael-Geller-Downtown-Las-Vegas-USA-GBWRgoldenbookofrecords.com

Jordan Michael Geller is an avid sneaker fan and reportedly owns the largest sneaker collection in the world, with around 2,500 pairs. Not surprisingly, he is also a fan of the most famous Jordan of them all, Michael Jordan. Geller is featured in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest private collection of shoes.



galleries.mcall.com mc-exposure-photo-blogthe-ultimate-panda-colle-003galleries.mcall.com

Celine Cornet has a collection of 2,200 pieces of panda collectables, in her house in Haccourt, Belgium. Celine and her husband Andre started their collection in 1978 when he gave her a panda souvenir he bought in Italy. Celine said she is planning to donate all her pandas to ill children when she passes away.



www.whtimes.co.uk 2094533016www.whtimes.co.uk

Lisa Courtney from the UK is a real Pokemon fanatic. Lisa has been collecting Pokemon toys since 1997, and has almost 15,000 of them. Her collection includes items from the UK, USA, France and of course Japan.

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