25 Bizarre Collections That’ll Make You Wonder About Humanity

Most of us collect something. Stamps, coins, car models, comic books… These items are among the most common. But there are memorabilia far stranger out there. From air sickness bags to burnt food, check out these 25 bizarre collections.

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Ball-point pens

www.recordholders.org penswww.recordholders.org

Angelika Unverhau from Dinslaken, Germany, has collected more than 220,000 ball-point pens (excluding duplicates) from 146 countries. She has been collecting unusual pens since childhood, but decided to take her hobby more seriously in 1990. She founded a club for ball-point pen collectors who meet twice a year to trade pens.


Potato chips

www.21food.com 1305247685890www.21food.com

Myrtle Young started collecting potato chips while working as a potato chip inspector for Seyfert Foods in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1987 when she saved a chip that looked like a face from the conveyor belt. From that moment, she started selecting chips which reminded her of something or someone. At the time of her death in August 2014, she was said to have between 250 and 300 chips in her collection.


Toothpaste tubes

goldenbookofrecords.com Golden-Book-of-World-Records-largest-collection-of-empty-tubes-of-toothpaste-Mr.-Ronan-Jordan-New-York-USgoldenbookofrecords.com

World Record of ‘largest collection of empty tubes of toothpaste’ has been achieved by Ronan Jordan from New York, US. In October, 2013; Mr. Jordan’s collection had 3750 empty tubes of toothpaste of various companies from all over the world.



www.inquisitr.com ps3-knife-crimewww.inquisitr.com

Creepy as it sounds, there are thousands of people out there who stockpile murderobilia, collectibles that relate to murderers and violent psychopaths. From cars to clothes via keepsakes, diaries and even artwork doodled by some of the most deadly people ever to grace society – murderobilia comes in all manner of forms. As you might expect, the idea of collecting killers’ possessions has courted controversy and campaigners in the US are currently working to outlaw the auction of such items.


Super Marios

www.mesjeuxdemario.net supeer-mario-fanwww.mesjeuxdemario.net

The largest collection of Super Mario memorabilia contains 5,441 individual, unique items and belongs to Mitsugu Kikai from Japan. It was counted in Tokyo, in July 2010.

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