25 Bizarre And Shockingly Legal Brutalities You Won’t Believe Are Done To Animals

For decades, animal cruelty has been one of the longest-standing issues in the world. Topics concerning animals, particularly animal rights, have spurred much debate and controversy among people and cultures. Every year, events that violate animal rights occur, causing public debates vocalized in the media. Outspoken activists have advocated the protection of animal rights along the way as well including high-profile celebrities. Here are 25 examples of legal brutalities done to animals that continue to spark outrage and debate among groups around the world.

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Goat throwing


This really weird, sadistic festival was celebrated every January in Manganeses de la Polvorosa, Spain, where usually a bunch of young men threw a live goat from the top of a church. After the animal died in a bloody mess, people from the crowd who “enjoyed” the “show” would pick up the remains of the goat and place them in a canvas sheet. Thankfully, after local animal rights groups demanded the end of this festival, it was eventually banned in 2002. Now a fake toy that resembles a goat has been thrown in the recent celebrations.


Tado Festival


The major event of the Tado Festival is called horse jumping. In this activity, men ages seventeen to nineteen ride horses that run up a hill before jumping over a wall about two meters high. The horses do this twelve times in the course of the event.




Force-feeding has been fatal in many cases when it is conducted on other humans since there are many recorded cases where people (especially infants) have lost their lives, but things aren’t much better when humans do it to animals, even though it’s considered legal pretty much everywhere. To be more specific, force-feeding of ducks and geese in order to fatten their livers for the production of quality foie gras has caused a lot of controversy globally and there are several groups throughout Europe who have tried to criminalize this act as one of animal cruelty.




Debeaking is a legal procedure that consists of the partial removal of the beak of poultry, especially chickens and turkeys, even though it is also performed on quail and ducks. The reason for this act is usually the excessive aggression and even cannibalism that has been noticed between ducks, turkeys, and roosters, but the procedure is considered quite brutal and in many cases the animals’ beaks are trimmed with a heated blade without any anesthetic.


Anti-moose mat


Anti-moose mats might seem necessary in some places, like Alaska for example, since a full-grown moose that weighs up to one thousand pounds and stands six feet tall can cause serious accidents in places like an airport or a motorway, causing people to die. However, there have been a few recorded cases in which a healthy moose died from the shock of the electrical mat, which usually just frightens the moose without other consequences.

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