25 Biology Mysteries Humanity Has Not Figured Out Yet

Biology mysteries exist all over the world and we encounter them pretty much everyday. They can be as small in size as cancerous cells, or as large and imposing as the majestic blue whale. Even though science has been able to uncover many wonders of our world’s biological make up, it still has a long way to go. For example, we still haven’t deciphered Peto’s Paradox, pinpointed with certainty the origin of flowers or even the origin of the Ebola virus! That’s only scratching the surface, we still don’t know what the vast majority of our DNA does or how exactly butterflies migrate. Talk about a mess of biological mysteries! It’s a good thing our species is curious because we are currently working hard to uncover these mysteries. Discoveries that could propel humanity into a new age of prosperity and health. Take the Ebola Virus for example, Canadian scientists have been able to successfully treat monkeys (though sadly, it’s a long way before such measures can be applied to humans). By the way, if you want to learn more about the Ebola virus, be sure to check out these 25 Facts About Ebola You Should Know. So if you want to know about some of the most unique biological mysteries our planet has to offer, stick around as we share with you these 25 biology mysteries humanity has not figured out yet.

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Butterfly Migration

Viceroy ButterflySource and Image: en.wikipedia.org

How do Monarch Butterfly descendants all over Canada and the United States and eventually, after migrating for several generations, manage to return to a few relatively small overwintering spots? No concrete answers have been given to this amazing phenomenon.


The Loricifera Mystery

The Loricifera MysterySource and Image: en.wikipedia.org

There are at least one hundred species of this phylum that are yet to be described, and none of them is known to be present in the fossil record.


The Paradox of the Plankton

PlanktonSource: en.wikipedia.org, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

In aquatic biology, the paradox of the plankton describes a situation in which a limited range of resources supports an unexpectedly wide array of plankton species, apparently flouting the competitive exclusion principle that holds that when two species compete for the same resource one will be driven to extinction.


Ebola's origin and place of hiding

Ebola VirusSource: American Medical Association, Health Map, Image: by CDC Global Health via Flickr CC2.0

We have learned much about the Ebola virus recently to the point that we have even successfully treated monkeys for it. Nevertheless, in spite of our strides against the virus, we’re still uncertain as to the virus’ origin or even where the virus hides between human outbreaks.



PerceptionSource: en.wikipedia.org, Image: pixabay.com

We perceive things everyday, but the act of perception is still a relative mystery. We still don’t fully understand how the brain transforms sensory information into coherent percepts. We don’t even know the rules by which perception is organized or how the senses are even integrated.

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