25 Biggest, Tallest, Deepest, And Smallest Places In The World

From the dark depths of the ocean to some of the highest peaks on Earth these are the 25 biggest, tallest, deepest, and smallest places in the world!

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Highest Waterfall - Angel Falls

earth's extreme

This waterfall in Venezuela is so high that water will sometimes evaporate before hitting the ground.


Driest place - Atacama Desert

earth's extreme

There is a point in the middle of Chile’s Atacama Desert where rain has never been recorded. Scientists call this region “absolute desert”.


Highest human settlement - La Rinconada

earth's extreme

Found in Peru, this mining town is found in the highest hospitable regions of the globe. Any higher and human’s would not be able to adapt.


Hottest temperature - Death Valley

earth's extreme

At a recorded temperature of about 134 degrees Fahrenheit or nearly 57 degrees Celsius Death Valley in California has once again recently become the hottest place on Earth.


Most remote inhabited place on Earth - Tristan de Cunha

earth's extreme

Thousands of miles from both South Africa and South America, this small archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean has a population of 271 people. Mail only arrives a few times per year.

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