25 Biggest Hoaxes Of All Time

We all love a good prank, except for when it happens to us. But even then, most of us would probably laugh about it. Well, there are some pranksters out there that have taken things to the next level. Whether it was to prove a political point or just to fool the world, these are the 25 Biggest Hoaxes Of All Time!

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dihydrogen monoxide

waterSource: bbc.com

Of course, many of you will be thinking…but that’s just water. Yes, it is. But many people don’t know that. In the 1990’s, a 14-year-old student started the anti-DHMO campaign to expose the lack of scientific literacy among people. Today, it has been expanded to include a website and references. A popular warning is that 100% of people who drink dihydrogen monoxide die. Note: of course they do. Everybody drinks water and everybody eventually dies.



bananasSource: dailymail.co.uk

This was a supposed psychoactive drug made from bananas. Its recipe was first published in the Berkeley Barb in 1967. Although it was clearly a joke, many people believed it to be true.


U2 live

U2Source: independent.ie

In 2009, hundreds of U2 fans descended on a shopping center in Cork, Ireland believing that U2 was playing live on the rooftop. A local radio station, however, had organized the whole thing deliberately. The disappointed fans showed up to find a tribute band called U2opia.


Clever Hans

horseSource: history.com

Wilhelm von Osten, a German math teacher, wanted to prove that animals were smart. So, in the early 1900’s he taught a horse named Hans to do math. People were impressed. Hans would tap his hoof to solve almost any problem. Hans was even nicknamed Clever Hans. Eventually, however, psychologists figured out the truth. Wilhelm was giving Hans the answers via nearly imperceptible movements of his face. The craziest part? He wasn’t doing it on purpose. Although Wilhelm refused to believe it, today we refer to such a situation as the “Clever Hans Effect.”



SkvaderSource: telegraph.co.uk

This winged hare is supposedly indigenous to Sweden. It was thought up by taxidermist Rudolf Granberg and is now on permanent display in a museum in the city of Sundsvall. At one point it was even jokingly given the scientific name “Tetrao lepus pseudo-hybridus rarissimus L.”

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