25 Biggest Hoaxes Of All Time

We all love a good prank, except for when it happens to us. But even then, most of us would probably laugh about it. Well, there are some pranksters out there that have taken things to the next level. Whether it was to prove a political point or just to fool the world, these are the 25 Biggest Hoaxes Of All Time!

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Villejuif Leaflet

lemonsSource: bbc.com

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s a leaflet was circulated around Europe claiming that many safe food additives were in fact carcinogenic. It caused widespread panic considering that common substances like citric acid were included on the list. The name was derived from the false belief that the hoax originated in Villejuif, France.


The Long Distance Lift

Frederick LorzSource: hoaxes.org

Frederick Lorz was a long distance runner taking part in the 1904 Olympics. Part of the way into the race, he had to stop running because of exhaustion. His manager gave him a lift for the next 11 miles before Frederick got out and finished the race on foot. Not surprisingly, he won. But his glory didn’t last long. Although he initially went with it, he was forced to admit the hoax shortly thereafter.



emailSource: hoaxes.org

In 2002, people started receiving emails to delete a file called jdbgmgr.exe on their computer because it was a piece of malware that anti-virus programs couldn’t detect. The reason that they couldn’t detect it, however, was because jdbgmgr.exe wasn’t actually malware. It was a valid file used by Microsoft Windows.


Flying Penguins

penguinSource: bbc.com

On April 1, 2008, the BBC reported about a colony of flying penguins in Antarctica. They even had a reporter walk among the alleged “flying penguins” and document their flight to the Amazon rainforest.



gorillaSource: hoaxes.org

In 1884, a news article appeared in Canadian news titled “What is it? A strange creature captured above Yale. A British Columbia Gorilla.” Although it has since been discounted as a hoax, some conspiracy theorists have latched onto the article as proof of Sasquatch.

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