25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History

Have you ever wondered what the biggest game show scandals in history were? At one point, even Congress got involved in order to prevent cheating and scandals in the TV industry! Whether it’s beating the system to win money or the game shows just trying to get viewers, these are 25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History!

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Newlywed Game

weddingSource: washingtonpost.com

Known for its dirty jokes and innuendo, Bob Eubanks got in trouble several times for tasteless jokes that were aired on the show. Of course, humor changes over time; what was unacceptable back then might draw a different response today.


Charles Ingram

Charles IngramSource: bbc.com

In 2001, he tried to cheat the system on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Whenever he read out the possible answers his wife and another friend would cough if it was the right one. He was eventually convicted of fraud.


Are You Hot?: The Search for America's Sexiest People

failSource: theguardian.com

ABC’s TV show was supposed to be a television version of the popular website hotornot.com. Judges would rate contestants on how hot they were. Not surprisingly, this show was found to be rather tasteless by the public and flopped big time.


Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti

post it notesSource: nytimes.com

On the first episode of Million Dollar Money Drop this couple lost out on $800,000 when they incorrectly said that Post-It notes were sold before Sony Walkmans. After the show, however, fans pointed out that Post-It notes had actually launched in 1977 under the name Press ‘n Peel. The name was changed to Post-It in 1980. Furthermore, Walkmans were first sold in Japan in 1979 and the US in 1980. In the end, the show’s producers decided to give the couple another shot. Unfortunately, however, the show got canceled before they could come back on.


Renee Durette

swanSource: cbsnews.com

When she was on Wheel of Fortune, she lost money for saying “Seven Swans A Swimmin” instead of “Seven Swans A Swimming.” Apparently, she hadn’t pronounced the final “g”. This caused an uproar online when people accused Wheel of Fortune for discriminating against southern accents.

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