25 Best Ways To Prevent Viruses And Malware

These days the best way to prevent viruses and malware is to stay off the internet. Unfortunately, that’s not practical. You need better options. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. Because, let’s face it, no one wants to deal with those nasty malware and viruses. Having your data corrupted and your hard disk rendered inoperable is your worst nightmare. Imagine all those memories of old pictures, all that hard work, all that data erased in an instant when viruses and malware attack your computer. To make matters worse, reformatting is a big hassle. It’s best to stop viruses and malware in their tracks before they wreak havoc. As they say, prevention is better than treatment. And to help you accomplish these preventive measure, here are the 25 best ways to prevent viruses and malware.


Use a firewall


This is a basic rule that all computer users need to understand. Although the use of a firewall is not that effective for internet worms, it is still vital when fighting infection from the user’s own network. It will provide better control over the moves of the computer both in and out.


AVG Internet Security


This protection is perfect for home and business use, it involves the assistance of expert internet security specialists. It’s constantly updated, has advanced features, and it can be used to fight viruses, spyware, trojans. Plus, it can help prevent identity theft as well as other web exploits. It can also protect people who are using Instant Messenger even when using Local Area networks.


Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.


It can prevent direct malicious software like Mydoom, Sasser, as well as Blaster. After solving the issue, it will provide a detailed report explaining the outcome. In order to get new updates delivered users need to go to the Automatic Updates once a month. It will effectively warn users about the viruses that have entered.


Avira AntiVir 10 R


Version 10 offers an improved way of removing malware including the remnants. However users need to be careful because fake AV is being circulated on the web. It makes use of the shadow copy function which allows the antivirus to scan and locked the current files being used. It also has a simplified UI on detecting malware for the benefit of the users.


Immunet Protect Review: Cloud-based Anti-Virus Software


This received a high recommendation rate due to the fact that it can work with other anti-malware software. There is no need to disregard other anti-virus protection being used because it can provide collective immunity and cloud-based protection. The installation is also quick and will not allow any new installation without checking it first.

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