25 Best Video Games to Play as a Couple (A Gaming List)

Introducing 25 Best Video Games to Play as a Couple (A Gaming List). So, you’re feeling lonely and want to know the best video games to play as a couple. It’s only natural. Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down for a few hours and playing a video game, but too much time alone can make you forget what it’s like to talk to another human being, I should know; I have over two hundred hours logged on Skyrim alone. When you’re in a relationship, you can’t play Civilization for 10 hours straight. “But Robin! How will I get my video game fix if I have to spend all my time with my significant other?!”

Don’t fear, I’m here to help. Here are the 25 Best Video Games to Play as a Couple.


The Lego Series

lego series

It’s true that any Lego game is designed mostly for children but it’s a fun co-op game for couples of any age. The Lego Series is purely fun, they’re not difficult and they require a small level of cooperation


Grand Theft Auto Online


“Grand Theft Auto Online” has a lot of issues. I have no problem admitting that. With that said, GTA Online puts you and your partners in the city Los Santos with no direction.

It also allows you to create your own games and levels, which is what I think is the best way to play this with a partner.



Bloody Trapland

bloody trapland

“Bloody Trapland” is a hard and unfair platformer that relentlessly kills you over and over again as you attempt to get to the other side of the level. It’s best played with another person that can laugh at you when you get mad after you die for the 400th time.


Gang Beasts


“Gang Beasts” is a cartoony fighting game with a good sense of humor. You’re pitted against each other and you punch each other until one player can’t get up again. The fighting is simple and easy to get used to, making it a fun casual game to play with a partner.





You are a space narwhal; at least, in this game you are. You play as a space narwhal flying through the stars trying to stab other space narwhals in the heart. That’s about all the game has to it but it’s great fun to play with your partner and it’s also a good gauge to see how competitive they are.

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