25 Best Video Games That Changed Everything

Presenting a new list: 25 Best Video Games That Changed Everything! Video games have come quite a long way since the early ’70s, haven’t they? Adding to the changes are the genres that have sprung up. So, which one of these games revolutionized the industry?

Every game aspires to be held in close regard with the icons of gaming. Needless to say, every game wants to be revered as on the most influential games of all time. With countless games to choose from, it was difficult to dwindle the list down to only 25 items.

“So what video games are the most influential?” I hear you asking. Well, let me take you on a journey through gaming’s history. Here are the 25 Best Video Games That Changed Everything.

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Mario 64

Super mariohttps://blog.proto.io/10-landmark-video-games-changed-industry-forever/

Before Mario 64, games were in 2D. When it debut, Mario 64 effectively became the first real 3D game. Nintendo introduced 3D game design and the the user experience was never the same again. Needless to say, developers still credit the origin of 3D console gaming to Mario 64!


Wolfenstein 3D


Let’s face it, first person shooter games are one of the most popular genres. But that wasn’t the case in the early 90s. At the time, there were very few FPS games floating around the market. Enter Wolfenstein 3D with its fast-paced violent action. Players couldn’t get enough of it and the game set a standard in first person shooters. You can still see Wolfenstein 3D influences in every FPS game in the market today.


E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

E.T. video gamehttp://whatculture.com/gaming/20-video-games-that-changed-gaming-forever

Here’s a surprisingly bad game that paved the way for a really good option for players. E.T. the video game did so poorly in sales and was so negatively received that it created the idea of a return policy for video games. E.T. game manufactures were forced to make return policies for their games and that option became a standard option for players!


Angry Birds

Angry Birds logoAuthor Knowledge

Like it or not, mobile gaming exists and the reason it’s so popular in our day-to-day life now is Angry Birds. It was one of the first games developed specifically for smartphones. Its addictive game-play hooked many people who never played video games. Players didn’t get tired from throwing the birds.


Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadAuthor Knowledge

The Walking Dead popularized multiple choice storylines. It also brought back the point and click adventure experience. Not surprisingly, Left for Dead is still regarded as the best game of its kind. Only a very small group of video games can match TWD.

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