25 Best Summer Products From Amazon To Help You Beat The Heat

Posted by , Updated on July 19, 2018

It’s really hot outside, isn’t it? While some of us are starting to prep for the start of a new school year, summer weather is still in full swing. Chances are it will continue to be pretty darn hot until your local coffee shops start rolling out pumpkin-everything. If you’re in need of some relief from the heat, you’ll want to check out these 25 Best Summer Products From Amazon To Help You Beat The Heat.


Beach Shelter

beach shade

If you’re visiting the beach or lake anytime soon, this Total Sun Block Shelter will help you cool off in some shade before you hit the water again.


Amazon Echo Speaker

speaker amazon

It won’t keep you cool in the traditional sense, but with this Echo Speaker, you’ll be seen as cool while the good music you play takes your mind off the heat.


Banzi Blast Obstacle Course

water obsticle

For your next BBQ with the kids or adults who like to act like kids, you’ll want to pull out this water-fueled obstacle course!


Cold Coffee Infuser

iced coffee

Too hot out for coffee? Non-sense! However, if you like your coffee chilled, this cold coffee infuser will do the trick. The carafe holds 8 cups, so it’s big enough to share with your friends.


Ice Cream Maker

ice cream machine

Not much else says summer like ice cream. With this ice cream maker, you can now experiment with making your own ice cream, fro-yo, 0r even gelato!


Face to Face 2-Person Raft

couples float

Chill in the pool on this 2-person inflatable raft to get some one-on-one time with your bestie or significant other. You can work on your tan AND bond.


Emoji Beach Balls

emoji balls

These inflatable Emoji balls are great for tossing around out in the yard or on the beach!


Hello Sunshine Hat

hello sunshine hat

Hello Sunshine! This cool hat will help shade you from the sun’s harmful rays while also helping you look stylish!


Yeti Rambler

yeti cup

Looking for something to keep your drink ICE COLD? The Yeti is where it’s at.

(As a bonus, the Yeti also keeps hot drinks super hot.)


Personal Space Cooler

personal ac

This personal space cooler is perfect for when nothing else is cutting it, and you just need a portable AC directed at your face!


Ice Cooling Vest

cooling vest

We get it, a personal space cooler isn’t ideal when you are on the go. Here is one product for you that will keep you cool on the go just by wetting and wearing it.


DIY Deodorant Recipes

deo homemade

Being crunchy is in. Body Odor is still out. Try your hand at making your own natural homemade deodorant. 


Patio Table with Cooler

table chest

Okay, now we’re talking! Make good use of your porch by having people over for some appetizers and cold beverages. You won’t even need a separate cooler!


Inflatable Ice Bucket

inflatable bucket

Here’s another way to keep cool with some cold drinks. This inflatable ice bucket would be great to take to the beach or float down the river with.


Foldable Windshield Sunshade


Many of you might already have a sunshade for your car, but if you don’t, you might want to consider. While they are cumbersome, they do work really well at keeping your car from reaching a million degrees when it’s parked for more than 5 minutes. This is true even if your windows are tinted.


Fan Necklace

cooling fan necklace

It might not be the biggest fashion statement, but who really cares when you’re melting in the heat? This portable fan doubles as a “cool” necklace.


Floating Volleyball Net

inflatable net

Have some fun in any pool with this inflatable volleyball net! This set comes with a ball and a place to add weights to keep the net in place.


Frozen Yogurt Recipe Book

frozen yogurt book

Now that you have an ice cream maker, you might want to look into this recipe book. It also has other frozen deserts and cakes.


Unicorn Floaty

unicorn floaty

The unicorn floaty is quickly becoming the quintessential summer pool accessory; you really can’t go wrong…you know you want one.


Big Bubbles

big bubbles

Here’s another product that may not directly keep you cool, but it will for sure help take your mind off of your summer woes. Who wouldn’t want to play with ginormous bubbles, anyway?


Pet Cot Canopy

pet canopy

Dogs need to keep cool, too! You can help them out with this pet canopy the next time you’re hanging out at the doggie beach.


Sand Free Mat

sand free mat

No one likes sand to get on their towels or blankets at the beach, and while Pinterest may offer some cool tricks, this Sand Free Mat will work better than that!


Hammock Mosquito Net

mosquito net hammock

The hot, wet weather of the summer brings not only crazy heat, but also pesky mosquitoes. If you’re planning to do any outdoor lounging in a hammock, you may want to consider this mosquito net specifically designed for your hammock.


Wine Tumbler

wine cup

If Yeti cups aren’t your thing, you might find these a little more to your taste. They’re cute!


Instant Cooling Towel

cool towel

If you find yourself outside in the heat and don’t fancy a cooling vest or fan necklace, an instant cooling towel is something you might want to consider. They come in many different colors and patterns, and you can style them around your head and neck in various ways.

All photos from Amazon, used under fair use.

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